Enhancing Enovation's growth path through a healthy combination of strategic proprietary product development and a selective international buy-and-build strategy.

Enovation case study

Enovation develops a SaaS platform that facilitates efficient communication between various stakeholders active in the healthcare market. With its 130 employees, Enovation serves over 1.000 clients and is market leader in the primary care physicians, pharmacies, paramedics, ambulances, hospitals and laboratories verticals. End-users are not only healthcare institutions, but also patients, who communicate with their doctors through the platform.

Main Capital Partners invested in Enovation in the beginning of 2018 to foster organic growth and speed up this (international) growth strategy with the help of strategic add-on acquisitions. Already within 6 months after the start of the cooperation, Enovation acquired Meddex, a company operating an information-exchange platform for healthcare. The acquisition of Meddex enabled Enovation to strengthen its position in the healthcare communication market and further expanded its product offering.

Going forward, Enovation will hold on to a strategy combining (international) organic growth opportunities with selective add-on acquisitions to become the leading SaaS player in the North-Western European healthcare market.

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"Together with Main Capital Partners we have the possibility to grow faster via a buy-and-build strategy and to add-on interesting companies to Enovation."

Jeroen van Rijswijk
CEO - Enovation

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