Swiss Knife

  • Year of investment: 2019
  • Status: Current
  • Headquarters: Almelo, the Netherlands
  • Website:
  • Responsible partner: Pieter van Bodegraven
  • Add-on acquisition for:

Swiss Knife automates the exchange of information between office and mobile staff with smart flexible software for both office and field staff. Their no-nonsense approach and knowledge of how field processes work makes them unique. Swiss Knife connects the registrations in the field to the administrative processes at the office. The typing of written information is no longer needed. They choose the most suitable registration method for field registrations; a tablet, smartphone, handheld computer with barcode scanner or a digital pen. With software and apps, Swiss Knife makes the total automation of large scale rollouts of FttH infrastructures paperless. More than 50% of all optical fiber connections in the Netherlands are scheduled to connect via the Swiss Knife systems. At Swiss Knife, user friendliness and service come first. The office of Swiss Knife is located in Almelo.