Dutch Cloud

  • Year of investment: 2017
  • Status: Realized
  • Headquarters: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Website: https://www.dutchcloud.com/
  • Responsible partner: Pieter van Bodegraven
  • Add-on acquisition for:

Dutch Cloud specializes in cloud computing, delivering fully shielded Cloud environments with end-to-end responsibility for the quality of the overall cloud infrastructure. Dutch Cloud is often used when expanding the existing IT department. Among their clients are MAIN Energy, Boska, e-office, Euretco, Fiber Netherlands, FlexService and Development Center. Dutch Cloud’s service answers to the demand of (medium) large organizations who need to run complex and critical applications in the Cloud while having the running IT managed. The service is characterized by experienced personal touch combined with quality, transparency and providing maximum control and flexibility. Dutch Cloud is ISO 27001: 2013 certified and also meets the NEN7510 standard. Dutch Cloud is a member of the DHPA Foundation.