• Year of investment: 2020
  • Status: Current
  • Headquarters: Woerden
  • Website:
  • Responsible partner: Pieter van Bodegraven
  • Add-on acquisition for:

Frontin supplies three online products: Frontin PAUW, Frontin BUIG and Frontinfo. In 2001, PAUW was launched: this web-based application supports municipalities in determining contributions from the Municipality Fund. The 355 Dutch municipalities receive money from the national government from the Municipality Fund, with a size of approximately 31 billion euros.

Municipalities receive a bundled benefit (BUIG) from central government for the payment of socials benefits and for the use of wage cost subsidies. Frontin BUIG is the product with which municipalities gain insight into the structure of their BUIG budgets and their financial perspectives for the coming years.

Frontinfo is a knowledge platform for municipalities in the field of the financial relationship between governments. Knowledge experts from the market give mark-ups on this report, after which the information is made accessible in a user-friendly way via app, newsletter and website.