• Year of investment: 2022
  • Status: Current
  • Headquarters: Den Haag
  • Website: https://www.janusid.nl/
  • Responsible partner: Ivo van Deudekom
  • Add-on acquisition for:

JanusID is a software company that provides solutions for digital identity verification. The company supports processes for Know Your Customer (“KYC”) and Know Your Employee (“KYE”) by remotely verifying identities of customers and employees. By using modern technologies, JanusID’s solutions enable users to safely automate manual and often error-prone processes and to easily position them within existing business processes of clients.

JanusID was ounded in 2016 and from its headquarters in The Hague, the JanusID team serves over 40 customers, who are active in the flex market, HR, financial services, international trade and logistics, notary, and real estate rental.