• Year of investment: 2020
  • Status: Current
  • Headquarters: Middelharnis, The Netherlands
  • Website:
  • Responsible partner: Charly Zwemstra
  • Add-on acquisition for:

Founded in 2006 and based in Middelharnis (NL), MULTIsignaal is the leading Dutch Referral Index provider that provides tools for various healthcare professionals and organizations to interact when risks are identified related to youth care (<23 year). The use of the Reference Index by municipalities is mandatory on the basis of the Youth Act. MULTIsignaal offers a total SaaS solution for maintaining a local Reference Index, which ensures the forwarding of ‘signals’ to the National Reference Index of the government in which all forwarded ‘alerts’ are stored. The company has a leading position in the market and currently serves 267 Dutch municipalities, with which various healthcare organizations and more than 50,000 professionals are connected. At present, MULTIsignaal maintains more than one and a half million connections between care providers who are jointly involved with more than 500,000 children and young adults.