texdata software gmbh

  • Year of investment: 2022
  • Status: Current
  • Headquarters: Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Website: http://www.texdata.de/
  • Responsible partner: Sven van Berge Henegouwen
  • Add-on acquisition for:

texdata software gmbh is one of the leading providers of business software for the fashion and lifestyle industry. With offices in Karlsruhe, Bielefeld and Lustenau (Austria), texdata serves approximately 180 customers in German-speaking countries, including successful brands such as Seidensticker, bruno banani, Luisa Cerano and Burda create. The ERP system DIAMOD enables companies to connect all areas from design, sales, production, procurement, logistics to the end user to a continuous and transparent process. With the WMS software DIALOG, companies and logistics service providers optimize their intralogistics and ensure inventory security and maximum performance