Logo WCAA A few weeks ago we announced the successful completion of the joint venture agreement between the World Class Aviation Academy (WCAA) and Boeing for the training of mechanics for the CH-47 Chinook helicopter. Last week the Chinook helicopter arrived in the Netherlands. Monday morning January the 23rd the Chinook was transported by logistic service provider Koninklijke Saan of the Port of Amsterdam in the direction of Gilze-Rijen. The wrapped up helicopter on the photo is (without rotor blades) over 4 meter tall and 4 meter wide. It’s an extensive operation to transport that to Gilze-Rijen. In the midday the transport arrived at the intended location: the Rotary Wing Training Center (RWTC). Soon the helicopter can be placed inside the building. The training facility will open in the beginning of March. Several media showed their interest in this unique project. Monday evening Peter Huis in ‘t Veld (CEO of WCAA) and Pierre van Kleeff (program director of Midpoint Brabant) had their say in the NOS journaal (main news program in the Netherlands). WCAA Chinook