Logo RoxitIn June 2015, Main Capital has acquired a majority shareholding in Roxit, a leading Dutch software company that provides solutions in the areas of licensing, supervision and enforcement and planning. Main Corporate Finance has arranged the credit facility, which is provided by ING. Roxit, founded in 2007, is a software company operating in the Netherlands with offices in Zwolle, Arnhem and Zoetermeer. The company currently employs over 90 employees. Roxit serves around 380 customers ranging from municipalities, regional agencies, water boards and provincial governments to companies. Examples include the municipalities of Utrecht, Haarlem, Tilburg and Maastricht, Environmental Department Haaglanden and the province of Overijssel. With the expertise of Main Capital, Roxit continues to develop and expand its product portfolio. In addition, Main Capital has reserved capital to assist the autonomous growth with an active buy-and-build strategy.