17On June 7th, the seventh edition of the Alpe d’Huzes will take place. This cycling tour is for the benefit of the battle against cancer. The goal for the cyclists is to ride ‘the Dutch mountain’ in the French Alpes as many times as possible and thereby being sponsored. All revenues will be donated to the Dutch cancer fund KWF. This edition, Lars van ‘t Hoenderdaal is one of the participants. Although he is not a cyclist, he promised his good friend Ron Olijdam to take over his place in Team Groot Verzet. Tragically, Ron died last week due to this horrible decease. For him it is too late, however, not for many others. During the last months of his life, Ron focussed on fundraising for the Alpe d’Huzes. He realized his goal of € 15,000. Ron would very much appreciate it when we reach an amount of € 20,000. We would be thankful to the people who support the action of Lars in favour of Ron. Thank you in advance!