On Thursday May 28th, the fifth edition of the Main Insight Event took place at the Hilton Hotel in The Hague. At this annual event, organized for our connections in the software industry, current business and technology issues are highlighted by speakers with experience in their field. This year’s theme was: “Successful marketing and pricing strategies for software companies.” With 120CEO’s/managers of software companies present, the turnout was again higher than previous years. The guests have been listening to presentations on marketing statistics, marketing automation, pricing and marketing in practice. The speakers at IDC, Simon Kucher & Partners, Exact, Nasdaq and OnGuard enthusiastically shared their knowledge and experience with the audience. Logo's Insight event 2015 During the introduction of IDC, the main statistics and developments in the field of marketing and marketing technology were identified. The subsequent presentation of Simon Kucher & Partners showed us the versatility of the theme by thoroughly describing the importance of pricing in marketing. After a short break the experts continued with their presentations. Mark Appel from Exact outlined the path that was taken to implement a strategy in which content, measurement and analysis are key. Clarinda Dobbelaar from Nasdaq explained us clearly the difference between marketing and sales and the importance of cooperation between these two departments. In addition, she handled the structure of the marketing model and the role of the buying personas. Last but not least, Michael Facey of OnGuard gladly shared his experiences for choosing the right website, content, use of systems and other practical considerations. During the usual drinks afterwards, the guests’ own experiences and all presentations were discussed. The overall conclusion of the above presentations, is that marketing is increasingly shifting from an event-driven to a more digital/automation process. It is important that companies make their marketing strategy and campaigns measurable and that they choose one tool to measure performances. When a good marketing strategy has been established, the key leads which may arise therefrom can be converted into new customers by the sales team. The collaboration between these two teams turns out to be crucial for substantial growth. This edition was again a successful Main Insight Event. We thank all the speakers and we are already looking forward to next years’ event!