From 17 until 22 October 2011 the cycling circus the “Zesdaagse van Amsterdam” was held in the Velodrome of Amsterdam. Main Capital Partners was main sponsor of the most spectacular part of this tournament: the sprint. Thursday the 20th and Friday the 21st of October, Main invited some business connections to jointly support the track cycling sprint team. In the center of the court they enjoyed dinner and drinks, while cyclists raced around them. Many big (inter-) national cyclists were present, for example: Niki Terpstra, Leo van Bon, Danny Stam, Peter Schep en Wim Stroetinga. Naturally, most of the attention went to the “Main Capital Partners sprint tournament”, which showed us five talented cyclists: Nils van ‘t Hoenderdaal, Hylke van Grieken, Dennis Looij, Daniel Sullivan (USA) en Kim van Leemput (Belgium). Hylke van Grieken won the sprint tournament, while Nils (son of Lars) finished third.   [row] [column width=”four”] Prijsuitreiking Charly Champion Hylke van Grieken with Charly Zwemstra [/column] [column width=”four”] Prijsuitreiking sprinters Ceremony with Nils (red shirt), Monique Spoelman, Hylke and Daniel [/column] [/row]