Logo NSM ElsevierNew Skool Media has reached an agreement with Reed Business Nederland for the acquisition of the publishing activities of weekly magazine Elsevier and BeleggersBelangen. Main Corporate Finance (Main) and Haagstate Advocaten acted as advisors to New Skool Media in this transaction. The credit facility is provided by Rabobank Almere. For New Skool Media this acquisition fits in the strategy to build a consumer portfolio around several types of media. As a result of this acquisition New Skool Media becomes a strong media company with 26 consumer titles, 250 employees and combined revenues of € 65 million. Cor Jan Willig: “We are delighted to add the professional activities of weekly magazine Elsevier and Beleggersbelangen to our portfolio. We see a lot of opportunities within our organization to develop innovative concepts for the entire portfolio.” The acquisition comprises the following publishing activities: Elsevier Weekblad, Elsevier Weekblad Online, Elsevier Juist, Elsevier Weekblad Stijl, Elsevier Weekblad Events, Elsevier Weekblad Specials, Elsevier Weekblad Books, BeleggersBelangen, BeleggersBelangen.nl, Beurs.nl, Grip op je vermogen, Voormorgen.nu and Lead Solutions. Rob Koghee: “It is a dream to us to acquire on of the most prestigious magazines of the country. In the coming years we plan to invest in this title so it can retain its prominent place which it currently has in the market.” Lars van ‘t Hoenderdaal, managing partner of Main, is delighted about this transaction: “New Skool Media has grown from zero to € 65 million revenues in two years. We make dream come true!”