Logo ReshiftOn July 1, 2015 Reshift has acquired the consumer brands of IDG Nederland, consisting of the publications Computer!Totaal, Tips & Trucs, Zoom, MacWorld, iPhone Magazine, iPad Magazine and Techpanel. Main Corporate Finance acted as advisor to Reshift and has arranged the credit facility, which is provided by Rabobank Almere. For Reshift this acquisition is an important milestone. The company has realized market leadership in the areas of gaming/entertainment and information technology. In addition, the acquisition creates opportunities for customer retention, increase of e-commerce activities and the introduction of new products and services. Reshift, located in Haarlem, is the biggest information technology specialized media company in the Netherlands, with leading brands such as Computer Idee, Vives, Hubbit, JFALL, Java Magazine, InsideGamer.nl, Gamer.nl, Media Totaal, Discovery Magazine, Lifehacking.nl, Linux Magazine, Power Unlimited and PCM, as well as the most important innovation event for the education market, IPON. Reshift develops media products on all platforms: paper, tablet, internet and video. The company develops own products such as Bendoo Box, organizes events and helps with the creation of publicity, experience and result.