Logo VideolandThe shareholders of The Entertainment Group (TEG) have sold a majority of their shares to RTL Nederland. TEG is a leading player in the market of digital content distribution in the Netherlands with well-known brand names Videoland On Demand, Movie MAX Online and meJane.com. Main Corporate Finance has acted as advisor to the shareholders of TEG. TEG was searching for a strong media partner and has found with RTL the right partner. As a result of this acquisition, RTL has become the largest player in the market of Video on Demand (VOD). Co Mast, director of TEG: “For a while, we have been looking for a strong media partner with which we could face the increasing competition with Sky (Murdoch) and Netflix. RTL not only has delivered a very strong marketing proposal, but also delivers exclusive content. RTL has offered an attractive share price to buy out my partner.” Lars van ’t Hoenderdaal, partner at Main Corporate Finance: “I believe this transaction is an excellent deal for every stakeholder, especially for the Dutch customers.” In addition to the current pay-per-view model, later this year a subscription model will be released, thereby allowing the customer to gain access to exclusive content anywhere and at any time, for a fixed monthly price. TEG, founded in 2009, distributes its content via KPN, smart TVs, game consoles and websites. The company employs approx. 10 employees. Co Mast remains director and shareholder together with RTL.