Logo TrueTrueServer (“True”; www.true.nl), developer of managed hosting and virtualization services, has been acquired by Broad Horizon in December 2012. Main Corporate Finance has acted as advisor to True. Broad Horizon is a fast growing company in the Dutch hosting sector and has recently acquired various stakes in Dutch hosting companies. The acquisition of True is an important component in the expansion of Hosting, Cloud and Co-location activities of Broad Horizon. Broad Horizon is founded by Rudolf Meijer, former CFO of broadband provider BBned, and Hans Rietkerk, former CEO of BBned. After the merger between 2Fast Internet Services and TrueServer in 2004, Jan-Paul van Burgsteden, founder of 2Fast, has become the CEO of the company. True specializes in managed hosting services and has developed its own virtualization platform Highlander. Customers of True are, amongst others, KPN, ING, Afas, Endemol, Booking.com and ID&T. True has 25 employees. Jan-Paul van Burgsteden will participate in Broad Horizon and will form the management team of True, together with Rudolf Meijer.