Record number of subscriptions from Dutch software companies for the Main Software 50. The software sector has been important for the Dutch economy for many years, continues to grow further in revenue, profit and internationalization. 

Yesterday, the award ceremony of the Main Software 50 took place for the sixth consecutive year to make the Dutch software sector more visible to the larger public. Participating companies outperform on all relevant KPIs this year. The interest in the event from the media, business and investors was once again great.

The host of the event was Roelof Hemmen (BNR Nieuwsradio). The keynote speaker of the event was Remco Brouwer (Senior Vice President Digital Transformation at Randstad Holding). Remco outlined the transformation of Randstad into a software-driven company. Digitalization is necessary for Randstad to market the demand for faster, accurate and higher volumes of potential employers and employees.

Main Software 50 Award Winners

1st overall winner: Winner of the Main Software 50 edition 2017 is ScanmarQED. Scanmar is a specialist in marketing and sales effectiveness and merged with marketingQED in 2016. Scanmar supports customers with tools to provide insight into their sales, operations and planning. marketingQED uses predictive analytics to give customers insight into the effectiveness of their marketing policies. Together, the two companies have a strong proposition based on smart technology that uses AI solutions.

ScanmarQED shows that it is able to grow above average and profitable. ScanmarQED sells its solutions based on a Cloud-based, SaaS business model that enables her to grow scalably. At this moment, the company is active in the US, UK, Singapore, Dubai and The Netherlands.

2nd overall winner: Slimstock ends up in second place, like last year. Slimstock, inventory optimization specialist, develops software that enables companies to structurally improve their inventory positions in order to increase inventory availability, reduce inventory, minimize storage costs and reduce logistics costs. Slimstock is able to grow consistently, in The Netherlands and abroad, in a profitable way. With all the initiatives being launched, Slimstock expects to grow autonomously from 200 to 300 employees over the next two years.

3rd overall winner: This year the third place is for Voiceworks, a provider of mobile, telephony, UC, cloud and data solutions in the business market. Voiceworks has grown strongly in recent years through a combination of autonomous growth and acquisitions. In 2015 Voiceworks set up subsidiary Summa, after which OnePhone was the first acquisition and a move to Germany was made. Early this year Voiceworks acquired Xenosite, the broadband and voice provider from Drachten. Voiceworks wins this prize  among other things due to a strong partner network that enables the company to grow scalably and profitable in The Netherlands and abroad.

OBI4wan, new on the list this year, receives the prize for Cloud Champion. OBI4wan, founded in 2011, is a fast-growing Dutch supplier of Social Media Monitoring tools in a multitenant SaaS model. In early 2017, OBI4wan merged with Buzzcapture. Together they help enterprises, SME’s and governments with their social media monitoring tools, webcare tools, messaging, publishing & social analytics with their social media presence.

This year the Highest Growth award goes to Workstreampeople. Workstreampeople is a developer and supplier of Anywhere365 Unified Contact Center for Skype for Business and MS Lync. Workstreampeople grew more than 100% last year. It is remarkable that the company is able to realize this growth in a profitable way. A key role for scalable growth are the partners of Workstreampeople.

Key statistics Main Software 50 Edition 2017

Main Software 50 (Edition 2017) shows again an improved profile of Dutch software companies in terms of internationalization, revenue growth (average + 20% compared to last year), use of partner channels and improved quality of sales (recurring).

Revenue growth: Total revenue grew by more than 20% to EUR 381m. Of the participating companies, 44% grew by more than 20% on a yearly basis. The median of sales growth was 20%. In a good economic climate, participating companies expect to grow strongly in the coming years. 64% of companies expect to grow by more than 20% per year over the next two years.

International success: Dutch software companies prove to be able to do business abroad; On average 33% of total revenue comes from abroad. One third of the companies even get more than 50% of sales from abroad.

Partner channel: The percentage of sales through partners grows to an average of 24% of total sales, which was 18% last year. Initiating a partner strategy appears to result in above average growth. Companies that generate more than 10% of their revenue through a partner channel grow on average by 31% in revenue.

Profitability: Fast growing software companies are once again able to grow profitably. 64% of the companies realized a profit margin of more than 10%. 30% the of companies realized a profit margin of more than 20%. Partnership strategies seem to contribute positively to the profitability of a company. Of the participating companies that achieved more than 20% of their revenue through partners, 41% realized an EBIT above 20%.

Innovation: Software companies continue to invest. Three-quarters of the participating companies invest more than 10% of their annual revenue in R&D. Even 96% of the participants now provides software and services in the cloud as well.

Employment: Total FTEs amounted to 3,135, an increase of 21% over last year. The average turnover per FTE is about EUR 122k.

M&A: In addition to autonomous growth, several companies in the Main Software 50 ranking choose to take strategic steps through acquisitions and mergers. Among the finalists (top 50) a total of nine transactions took place this year.

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