Main CEO Day

Annual event exclusively for CEOs and non-executive board members of our portfolio companies, during which strategic topics relevant for growing software companies are addressed.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

On March 17 we connected with our network and shared insights on this important topic.

‘Successful integration of add-on companies’

Buy-and-build is one of our key strategies for driving growth. Integrating add-ons can create opportunities, but may also cause a host of challenges. Together we will discuss how to tackle these challenges and benefit optimally from a buy-and-build trajectory, for example:

• When ‘two become one’: how to create one vision, one team, one company culture?
• Commercial synergies: How to drive commercial success by optimizing cross-sell and upsell, and create one energized and ambitious Sales team?
• Product and technical alignment: how to integrate different platforms, product management teams and tech stacks?
• Integration of business operations: how to integrate companies while running your daily business?

During the afternoon, three case studies will be presented by our CEOs, discussing add-on integration from a different perspective. Each case is followed by a delicious lunch course.

This exclusive event is invitation-only.