Enovation enters market for digital consultation rooms by adding Zaurus

Enovation strengthens its market position with the acquisition of digital consultation room specialist Zaurus. This strategic addition enhances Enovation's product offering and strengthens its positioning as a leading international SaaS provider in Europe.

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Capelle aan den IJssel, October 7th, 2021 –Enovation strengthens its market position with the acquisition of digital consultation room specialist Zaurus. This strategic addition enhances Enovation’s product offering and strengthens its positioning as a leading international SaaS provider in Europe. The company, which has been backed by software investor Main Capital Partners since 2018, has completed its sixth acquisition with Zaurus.

After its inception in 2018, Zaurus has positioned itself as an innovative provider of digital consultation rooms within the Dutch market. The company offers a complete SaaS solution as an alternative to traditional physical consultation rooms. This ensures that healthcare professionals can easily and safely deliver care remotely. Zaurus plays an important role in reducing the number of physical consultations in healthcare. With this move, Enovation is offering a solution to better deal with the labor shortage and rising costs in the healthcare sector.

Jeroen van Rijswijk, CEO of Enovation: “The Zaurus solution is a perfect addition to our communication and integration platform. Zaurus is a major player in the field of digital consultation rooms. Thanks to this step we are able to provide our customers with a complete solution in the field of secure digital remote care. Also, the possibilities of integrating Zaurus within current Enovation products will ensure that we can offer even better solutions to the 24,000 organizations that use our products.”

Niels Greidanus, CEO of Zaurus: “This combination will strengthen our position in the digital consultation room software market and enables us to serve our combined customer base even better. Being part of the Enovation platform will ensure that Zaurus can offer its e-health solutions to a larger group of healthcare providers at home and abroad at an accelerated pace.”

With the acquisition of Zaurus, Enovation has more than 275 employees in 12 offices and operates in more than 19 countries. The Enovation Group has a strong R&D capability focused on improving current product offerings to create innovative solutions for the healthcare market and the (semi-)public sector. Enovation aims to continuously increase added value for its customers. Both through its organic growth strategy and in its buy-and-build approach, the company is looking for ways to strategically strengthen its product offering and its market position, with the goal of further positioning itself as a leading European SaaS provider.

About Enovation
Enovation supports healthcare organizations to collaborate more efficiently and improve digital care for patients. For more than 35 years, Enovation has been the specialist for secure communication solutions for healthcare. Enovation focuses on facilitating the exchange of information between and within healthcare institutions, as well as between healthcare institutions and clients. The solutions are based on (international) standards and connect seamlessly to existing IT systems and processes of healthcare institutions.

About Zaurus
Zaurus aims to make remote care easier and more accessible, while also reducing the pressure on healthcare providers. Since its inception in 2018, Zaurus has had one mission: to contribute to healthcare with digital solutions. With digital consultation rooms and digital assistants, Zaurus supports healthcare organizations move toward a hybrid healthcare system, where both a physical and a digital option are offered throughout the patient journey.


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For more information:

Nienke van der Knaap, Marketing Manager Enovation – 088 8 366 366 –  nienke.vanderknaap@enovationgroup.com

Jenny Luco, Online Marketeer – 072-202 9123 jenny@zaurus.nl



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