Exxellence Group aspires market leadership in the tax domain with acquisition of Tog Nederland

Exxellence, provider of innovative software for (semi-) governments, is well on its way to becoming market leader in the tax domain.

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Hengelo, 26th of August 2021 – Exxellence, provider of innovative software for (semi-) governments, is well on its way to becoming market leader in the tax domain. With the acquisition of Tog Nederland, the Hengelo-based group offers a complete solution for all applications within the (local) taxes, levies and registrations domain. This brings Exxellence another step closer to its goal: to be No.1 in GovTech within the Dutch (semi-)government market. To confirm this milestone Exxellence is also launching a new brand name: xxllnc.

Like xxllnc, Tog Nederland’s mission is to support and unburden (local) governments by providing innovative software and additional services. Since its founding in 1973, Tog Nederland has developed into a major player in the market for taxes and fees, basic registration of addresses and buildings (BAG), valuation of real estate (WOZ), energy labels, adverse planning change and spatial planning.

Rock-solid software combination
“The addition of Tog Nederland to xxllnc creates a powerful combination on all fronts and now enables us to serve the entire tax domain”, explains Michel Veenhuis, CEO of xxllnc. The acquisition is a strategic step towards market leadership in GovTech. xxllnc was already active in the tax domain with SMQ. At the end of last year, the experienced players 4Value (including valuation application 4WOZ 2.0), Provoxol and Daerom! were added.

In total xxllnc took over seven companies during the last one and a half years. Software-investor Main Capital Partners, which holds a majority stake in xxllnc since 2020, supported these take-overs and are shaping a long term strategy on the Dutch government market together with xxllnc. Veenhuis: “Main advises on a strategic level, but also offers hands-on support in the technical and process integration.” xxllnc now has over 300 employees, which will increase to 430 after the acquisition of Tog.

The xxllnc ecosystem
xxllnc builds an ecosystem in which all apps work together seamlessly: the xxllnc Cloud. Not only is this safe and fully scalable, but also enables easy integration of all apps. It is not a closed system, but preferably open-source and based on standards. With my.xxllnc, users will have direct access to the full network of apps and support with just one account.

Tog Nederland’s SaaS application, called VRiS (Real Estate Registration, Information, Valuation and Taxation System), fits well within this proposition. The application was developed in collaboration with municipalities and has a modular structure. Municipalities themselves choose which apps they do and do not want to use. For example, there is the VRiS Taxes module for levying and collecting taxes, or VRiS Valuation for support with valuations.

About Tog Nederland
Tog Nederland has had several company names since its establishment in 1973 as a result of mergers and an acquisition. The company started as T.O.G. v. NED Gemeenten (Valuation of Immovable Property for Dutch Municipalities) with the performance of municipal valuations. After the introduction of the WOZ Act and the increasing need for a valuation system, the company grew enormously and, after being taken over, continued under the name Tog VNG. After the merger with major competitor Damastes in 2003, the name was eventually changed to Tog Nederland to avoid confusion with the VNG (Association of Netherlands Municipalities).

Now, over 40 years later, Tog Nederland has grown into a provider of a total package of software and additional services in the areas of BAG, WOZ, local taxes and levies, energy labels, adverse planning changes and spatial planning for local governments. Tog Nederland is also active in secondment and offers various types of services, such as support with revaluation, property registration and the WOZ objection procedure. The team consists of 130 people and operates from three offices in the Netherlands: Veenendaal, Sint-Oedenrode and Meppel.

Over xxllnc
xxllnc, based in Hengelo, Amsterdam and Eindhoven, consists of a group of companies that all have their expertise in providing software, integrations, secure data exchange, and customer support in the form of consultancy for the (semi-)government. Whether it concerns the implementation of national policy or the local provision of services for residents: xxllnc supports government organizations in achieving their goals. Not only by using smart software, but also by people who embrace innovative technology.

About Main Capital Partners
Main Capital Partners is a leading software investor in the Benelux, DACH and the Nordics. Main has almost 20 years of experience in strengthening software companies and, as a strategic partner, works closely together with management teams of its portfolio companies, in order to realize sustainable growth and build solid software groups. Main has 42 employees and has offices in The Hague, Stockholm and Düsseldorf. In August 2021 Main has over 1 billion euros under management and invested in more than 120 software companies. These companies create jobs for approximately 5,000 employees.

Note to editors:
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Michel Veenhuis (CEO xxlnc)
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