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In collaboration with Main Capital, GOconnectIT expands its market leading position with the acquisition of Geodan van den Berg, provider of Geo-IT solutions for cable and pipeline operators. The combined entity makes it possible to establish a stronger connection between excavators and network operators in the field of underground cables and pipelines.

GOconnectIT, supplier of innovative and specialist software solutions for the infra sector, joins forces with Geodan van den Berg. Where GOconnectIT mainly focuses on the operational side of the excavators, Geodan van den Berg mainly focuses on network operators. By combining the knowledge and experience from both worlds, a party is created which can completely unburden its customers even better. Moreover, by facilitating and improving the information exchange between excavators and network operators, the chance of excavation damage can be further reduced.

Geodan van den Berg is the supplier of the self-developed WION System, with which they unburden more than 500 cable and pipeline operators in the field of the WION (‘Wet informatie-uitwisseling ondergrondse netten’) and the successor of that law, the WIBON. In addition, Geodan van den Berg supports, among other things, data management within the framework of the new legislation. Geodan van den Berg arose from a collaboration between construction company BAM Infra Telecom and Geo-IT service provider Geodan. Among the more than 500 network operators that are currently connected to the WION system are many municipalities, provinces, water boards and energy companies.

The products and services from GOconnectIT and Geodan van den Berg perfectly complement each other, and both respond to increasing laws and regulations in the field of underground cables and pipelines to prevent excavation damage.

Collaboration GOconnectIT – Geodan van den Berg

Edwin van Rooijen (Director GOconnectIT): “The acquisition allows us to serve the entire chain in the Klic-process, creating new opportunities in the area of data exchange between excavators and network operators. This fits perfectly in our ambition to reduce the number of excavation damages in the Netherlands.”

Theo Thewessen (Director van Geodan/Geodan van den Berg): “The Geo-IT solutions from Geodan van den Berg are a great foundation for serving the entire chain. As a partner, Geodan will be closely involved in the further development of innovative Geo-IT services in relation to the further digitization of the Klic-process.”

Jeroen Wijnen (Director van BAM Infra Telecom/Geodan van den Berg): “With the transition from Geodan van den Berg, the service to our customers is extended and secured for the future. We look forward to further cooperation with GOconnectIT, an excellent partner which is able to serve this market well.”

About Geodan van den Berg

Geodan van den Berg originates from a collaboration between BAM Infra Telecom (previously Van den Berg Infrastructuren) and Geodan. Since 2009, Geodan van den Berg has focused on unburdening cable and pipeline operators with Geo-IT solutions. The added value for the Construction & Infrastructure sector lies in the special combination of knowledge from both parent companies, in the field of construction and underground infrastructures (BAM Infra Telecom) and location information and geo-information systems (Geodan). For instance, Geodan develops smart systems and platforms for this sector for the analysis, integration and visualization of location information and is a unique player in the Construction & Infrastructure market.

About GOconnectIT

Whether it concerns progressive software solutions, conditioning of cables and pipelines, or legal advice: GOconnectIT brings the cable and pipeline sector into motion. GOconnectIT works for and together with excavators, network operators and (semi-) government. By making GEO information and knowledge available to everyone in a unique way, GOconnectIT brings innovation in the industry and contributes to the reduction of excavation damage. In addition, GOconnectIT guides the cables and pipelines process within infrastructural projects, ensuring that progress made. Right from the beginning, GOconnectIT has focused on GIS and the coordination of the cables and pipelines process for infrastructural projects. Based on this specialism, groundbreaking technology has been introduced for field staff and the team is currently working on GIS for the entire sector. GOconnectIT’s office is located in Nieuwegein.

About Main Capital

Main Capital is a strategic investor with an exclusive focus on the software sector in the Benelux, Germany and Scandinavia. Within this sector, Main Capital is the most specialized party in management buy-outs and later-stage growth capital. Main Capital manages approximately € 400 million for investments in mature but growing software companies in the Netherlands and Germany. An experienced team of professionals manages this group of software companies from offices in The Hague and Düsseldorf.

Main Capital invested in GOconnectIT at the end of 2017 and actively supports the group in further expanding the company in the coming years, both with organic growth and growth through selective acquisitions and strategic partnerships.

Besides GOconnectIT, the current investment portfolio of Main Capital consists of other growing (SaaS) software companies such as Enovation, SDB Ayton, JobRouter (Germany), Verklizan, Inergy, MOUSE Software, artegic (Germany), OBI4wan, Axxerion, b + m Informatik (Germany), Ymor, Roxit, Onguard, Sharewire, SecondFloor, Sofon, ChainPoint, RVC and TPSC. Main Capital also has an interest in managed hosting provider Denit. Main Capital has a long-term perspective with the intention to build larger and stronger software groups.

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