Working at Main: “I joined Main as it gave me the opportunity to work in an entrepreneurial environment.”

We interviewed Daan Visscher, Senior Investment Manager at Main, to catch up with him about his travels and time abroad.

Main Capital Partners

Daan Visscher started his journey at Main in 2017 as Business Analyst. Over the years, Daan has played a pivotal role in Main’s international expansion. Prior to his relocation to Boston, he was part of the investment team at the Stockholm office and helped establish our Nordics presence. He currently resides in the U.S., leading our affiliated office in Boston and developing our North-American presence. We interviewed Daan to catch up with him about his travels and journey with Main so far.

When and how did your journey at Main start?

“I joined Main Capital in 2017 as a Business Analyst in our Benelux team. From the start, I got the opportunity to be involved in several investments and deal processes. This was a great hands-on learning experience and allowed me to quickly understand multiple aspects of investing. After working from our The Hague office for 2 years, I relocated to Stockholm and helped build our Nordics office. Since 2019, our Nordics team has grown to 12 colleagues and has done over 27 transactions so far. In 2023, Main gave me the opportunity to relocate to Boston to build a team that focuses on software investments in the North American market.”

What initially drew you to work for Main?

“I joined Main as it gave me the opportunity to work in an entrepreneurial environment. It is exciting to partner with entrepreneurs and management teams to support them in achieving their goals. The strong growth of Main Capital as a firm, and also the international expansion the firm was planning for, were strong considerations. I did not know back then that I would eventually be involved in our international steps, but as I always had the ambition to work and live abroad, I was (and still am) quite excited about our ambitious internationalization strategy.”

Over the past few years, you have helped establish Main’s presence in the US, can you tell us more about this process and your contribution?

“I relocated early 2023 from Stockholm to Boston after a period of preparation. It started with formulating a key team from our European offices and conducting initial market research. After we confirmed that opening an US office was a go for us, we needed to get all practicalities in place and started recruiting locally. We currently have a team in Boston of four Investment Professionals which we envision to grow in a similar fashion as the other regions. For Main, this is a proven model in which relocating people from other offices allows us to maintain our strong culture among the different geographies that we strengthen with local hires. We strongly believe that being locally present in North America will allow us to capitalize on the growth opportunities out there in the North American market and will help Main to become an even more relevant partner for software entrepreneurs as this allows us to more successful in supporting portfolio firms with cross-Atlantic internationalization strategies.”

In 2017 you were involved in setting up the Nordics office in the Stockholm. Can you tell us more about this time?

“We started with the Nordics office in 2019. It was incredibly exciting to see this develop from virtually no market presence to becoming one of the most active investors in Enterprise software in the Nordics in just a couple of years. One of the most fascinating things about the Nordics region is that we have a team and investment portfolio from the various countries that have a lot in common but also interesting differences which creates an interesting and dynamic environment.”

What were the major challenges you faced when setting up the office in the Nordics? And for Boston? Are there any similarities or differences?

“The major challenge I observed in both The Nordics as the US is forming an understanding of how cultural differences impact the all the aspects of the investment process. It helps to have a team of locals that can help to understand and deal with these differences. The biggest difference between the US and the Nordics is that the US as a market is just much larger. This is both a benefit as there are more investment opportunities, but it can also be a challenge since it’s even more important to focus on the right things.”

How are the operations currently going in Boston?

“We are glad to see much enthusiasm in both Europe and North America for the unique cross-transatlantic growth opportunities that we can support them with. We see strong traction and expect to be able to announce our first investments in the near future.”


Did you gain any personal growth from your travels?

“Probably more than I realize. The benefit of joining a fast growing company is that it by default creates many personal growth opportunities. For me, this is clearly related to get started in a new region which forced me to rethink conventional ways of working and adapt to be successful in a different culture. I am thankful for these past learning opportunities and would not trade this experience for anything in the world.”


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