MUIS Software acquires Ctrl from Deloitte

MUIS Software and her majority shareholder Main Capital Partners are taking an important step in the expansion of MUIS Software by reaching an agreement with Deloitte on the takeover of Ctrl B.V.

Main Capital Partners

MUIS Software, (SaaS) accounting and administration software provider, based in Heemskerk, joins forces with Ctrl. Combined, the company offers a complete product portfolio for accountants- and administration offices. The management team of Ctrl will remain active in the company with the primary task to continue the growth and development of Ctrl as an independent platform. All current employees of Ctrl will also remain employed at the company. The combination of MUIS Software and Ctrl creates an organisation of more than 50 employees, with the common goal to continue the automation and optimisation of administrative workflow and the digital collaboration between the accountant and the entrepreneur.

Since 2004 Ctrl, former part of Deloitte the Netherlands, develops a modern online collaboration platform for financial service providers for the SME market and larger companies. This strategically positioned platform has a central position and facilitates an optimal (online) collaboration between entrepreneurs, accountants, cloud-based market parties, and requesting authorities like the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, banks, and the Tax Authorities. The platform does not only support secure (GDPR) file exchange and communication, but also supports the workflows of the accountant and tax advisors.

With the acquisition of Ctrl, MUIS has taken a major step towards offering a total solution for accountants and administration offices who want to further automate their services and optimize the customer contact by automating repetitive work, while also complying with strict rules and regulations regarding file exchanges and secure communication.

The move to MUIS helps Ctrl to independently expand its position within the Dutch, UK, and Canadian market. Essential part of the Ctrl-platform are the connections to third-party, cloud-based (best-of-breed) software suppliers.  The connections with third-party cloud parties will remain an essential part of the independent Ctrl-platform and will be expanded further.

Collaboration Ctrl – MUIS Software

Gert de Jong (CEO Ctrl): “The accountancy sector undergoes an enormous digital transformation. It is no longer the question if you need to digitize as an accountants- or administration office, but rather how and when this should happen. All workflows which can be automated, will be automated. Ctrl offers a unique independent collaboration platform which helps accountants in digitizing all processes with their customers, government, chamber of commerce, and banks. The move to MUIS is in line with the ambition of the organization to accelerate its growth, and further introduce the Ctrl-platform in the market. Ctrl offers a proven solution which is used by both small-, middle, and larger accountancy firms, including Deloitte, De ZorgAccountants, JOINSON&SPICE and ENDYMION.”

Mennolt Beelen, partner and Private Leader Deloitte Global: “Within Deloitte, Ctrl went through an impressive growth. With more than 20.000 users in the Netherlands and abroad, it is one of the examples of Deloitte’s focus on innovation. As a customer, Deloitte will remain user of the platform.”

Charly Zwemstra (Managing Partner Main Capital): “Main Capital has an active role in the continuing expansion of MUIS software as a supplier of innovative software for automation of accountancy and administration offices. The acquisition of Ctrl is a striking example for this. The adjacent product offering of Ctrl and MUIS will create direct synergies and strengthen the position of both companies.”

Mattijs Wilms (CEO MUIS Software): “MUIS has built a strong brand name by supplying innovative and modern software for entrepreneurs, accountants – and administration offices. MUIS is a front-runner in Robotic Accounting, where it focuses on efficiency of information flows and workflows. Like MUIS, Ctrl has a central role within the triangle which entrepreneurs, accountants and requesting authorities have. Joining forces with Ctrl fits seamlessly in the strategy to further support the accountant and entrepreneur in the digital collaboration, while minimizing the required actions.”

About Ctrl
Ctrl, founded in 2004, has developed itself within Deloitte NL to an independent organisation with more than 20 employees who focus on the development of the state-of-the-art online collaboration platform for financial service providers. The platform functions as the heart of the accountant by bringing communication, file exchange, process support, smart alerts, dashboards, and connections with cloud-based software providers together in one platform.

About MUIS Software
MUIS Software, founded in 1984 and located in Heemskerk is an innovative SaaS based software developer, specialized in administrative bookkeeping- and ERP software available online as well as offline. For the online application, accountants are able to choose whether this is delivered through the cloud (SaaS) or manage the hosting themselves. With more than 1.100 accountants, 20.000 entrepreneurs and 125.000 administrations, MUIS has a large customer base and is an established name within the accountancy sector for over 30 years. The long existence and constant growth of MUIS is derived from their innovative character. Currently MUIS focuses on the “Accountant 2.0” where efficiency of information flow and workflow have a central role in their product development.

About Main Capital
Main Capital is a strategic investor with an exclusive focus on the software sector in the Benelux, Germany and Scandinavia. We have a long-term horizon, focused on successful partnerships with management teams, with the goal of building larger software groups. Within this sector, Main Capital is the most specialized party in management buy-outs and later-stage growth capital. Main Capital manages approximately € 400 million for investments in mature but growing software companies in the Netherlands and Germany. An experienced team of professionals manages this group of software companies from offices in The Hague and Düsseldorf.

The current portfolio of Main Capital includes fast growing software companies such as Enovation, SDB Ayton, JobRouter (Germany), GOconnectIT, Verklizan, Inergy, MUIS Software, artegic (Germany), OBI4wan, Axxerion, b + m Informatik (Germany), Ymor, Roxit, Onguard, Sharewire, SecondFloor, Sofon, ChainPoint, RVC and TPSC. Main Capital also has an interest in managed hosting provider Denit. Main Capital has a long-term perspective with the intention to build larger and stronger software groups like Roxit, Axxerion, Regas, Connexys  en ABIT/Eurosystems.

About Deloitte
Due to the rise and exponential growth of new technologies, the world will change radically in the upcoming years. No company or organisation will be able to avoid the consequences of the extensive digitisation and informatization. Deloitte knows the challenges in your sector and translates market problems of the future to creative and innovative solutions. Deloitte is a professional service provider with 264.000 worldwide and offices in more than 150 countries. With over 6.000 employees and 15 offices distributed over the Netherlands, Deloitte is one of the largest providers of professional services with regard to accountancy, tax, consultancy, risk management and financial advice. The professionals work in multidisciplinary teams which results in a wide vision on the issues of our customers.

Note for the editor:
Sender of this press release is Main Capital. For more information, please contact:
Charly Zwemstra (Managing Partner)
Main Capital Partners BV, Paleisstraat 6, 2514 JA, Den Haag
Tel: +31 (0) 70 324 3433 / +31 (0) 6 512 77 805


Mattijs Wilms
MUIS Software, De Trompet 2880, 1967 DD, Heemskerk


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