SDB Ayton and Cormel IT join forces

SDB Ayton and her majority shareholder Main Capital Partners take the first step towards becoming the leading healthcare software player within the Dutch Healthcare market by acquiring Cormel IT.

Main Capital Partners

SDB Ayton, the specialized SaaS-based HR, planning and payrolling software company for the healthcare market, headquartered in The Hague, joins forces with the Born based Cormel IT. The Cormel management team stays involved with the company after its integration with SDB Ayton. The combination of SDB Ayton and Cormel creates an organization with over 100 employees, pursuing a joint goal to facilitate the operations of Dutch healthcare organizations with smart software solutions and a broad product portfolio. As a result of the acquisition, SDB Ayton will be the only player to offer a full-suite offering for ECD, Planning, HR and Payroll for the care market in the Netherlands, delivering a unified customer experience to all its users.

Cormel is an established developer of a renowned and versatile Electronic Health Record (EHR) software products with integrated planning and scheduling functionalities. The user-friendly portals of the Quality In Care (QIC) platform provide healthcare professionals, clients/patients and other caregivers easy access to their agenda, messages and personal healthcare plans. This information is available in real-time, from any device and from any location. The software solutions by Cormel improve the quality of care by minimizing the administrative burden of healthcare professionals and making information sharing more efficient. The software of Cormel is exclusively used by customers in the VVT and GHZ sectors.

Similar to Cormel, SDB Ayton is also active in the VVT and GHZ sectors, where it serves over 500 customers with HR, planning and payrolling software solutions. Through the seamless connection in terms of products, services and customers bases, the combined organization will be effectively able to support the rising demand for integration in the IT landscapes within healthcare organizations by offering a best-of-suite solution to customers.

With the acquisition of Cormel, SDB Ayton takes an important step towards becoming the leading SaaS player in the Dutch healthcare market. The focus of the group will remain to develop innovative products in order to fulfill the needs and demands of its customers in the Dutch healthcare market. In addition to focusing on organic growth and leveraging up- and cross-sell opportunities, the continuation of the buy-and-build strategy by doing strategic add-on acquisitions will remain an important component of the business plan. As part of this buy-and-build strategy one can think of acquiring adjacent technologies, in line with the current acquisition of Cormel, as well as expanding towards other vertical segments in the healthcare market.

Cooperation Cormel IT – SDB Ayton

Vincent van Staalduinen (Customer Success Director SDB Ayton): “The Dutch healthcare market is currently undergoing an enormous transformation, whereby technology and innovation are the key for efficiency improvements within organizations. Most care organizations operate several applications simultaneously for processing mission-critical information, including that of patients and employees. Currently no software vendor is able to provide a full-suite solution to overcome this problem. Having this full-suite will drive IT efficiencies, process optimization and accuracy of information whilst reducing complex integration requirements and above all deliver a smooth and engaging user experience, enabling more hands and time to be deployed in the core purpose – providing care to the client.  In line with this, the acquisition of Cormel enables SDB Ayton to broaden its product portfolio and move closer into the primary healthcare processes, whilst creating the only healthcare software vendor in the Netherlands to offer a full-suite solution for the care sector.”

 Charly Zwemstra (Managing Partner Main Capital): “With the support of Main Capital, SDB Ayton follows a strategy focused on organic growth, while also expanding its product offering, broadening its client base and executing on strategic add-on acquisition. Cormel IT and its strong EHR software product neatly fits with this strategy.”

 Steven Vints (Management team member Cormel IT): “Over the years, Cormel IT has built up a strong market position where the customer comes first. In the close cooperation with customers we see and hear that customers are looking for a software vendor with a complete suite, thereby eliminating the inefficiencies and dissatisfaction of complex integrations. As such, we are convinced that the merger with SDB Ayton will enable us to strengthen our relations with care institutions while increasing the distinctiveness of our competitive offering.”

 About Cormel IT

Cormel, founded in 1998 and headquartered in Born, Limburg, has over time developed itself into a specialized player in the Dutch Healthcare market with a market leading EHR product for the VVT and GHZ healthcare sectors. Their flagship product, Quality In Care (QIC), supports organizations in all primary processes, both intra- and extramurally. The Cormel products offer a great extension to the existing SaaS HR, planning and payrolling product portfolio of SDB Ayton.

About SDB Ayton

For over 40 years, SDB Ayton has been developing and supplying innovative and specialist ICT solutions for the healthcare sector. The company focuses on the VVT, GHZ, daycare and disabled care markets. with innovative SaaS solutions that customers use to automate HR, salary administration and personnel planning processes. In addition, the company provides a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) proposition that relieves care institutions from the payroll process and SDB Ayton delivers financial advice and consultancy services related to AVG legislation.

About Main Capital

Main Capital is a strategic investor with an exclusive focus on the software sector in the Benelux, DACH and Nordics regions. Main Capital has a long-term investment horizon centered around successful partnerships with management teams, with the goal to, jointly, build larger software groups. Within this sector, Main is the most specialized company in management buyouts and later-stage growth capital. Main Capital has approximately € 400 million in assets under management for investments in mature and growing software companies. The Private Equity Funds are managed by an experienced team of 29 investment professionals, located in offices in The Hague and Düsseldorf.

The current portfolio of Main Capital includes rapidly growing software- and SaaS software companies like cleversoft (Germany), Enovation, SDB Ayton, Jobrouter (Germany), GOconnectIT, Verklizan, Inergy, MUIS Software, Artegic (Germany), OBI4wan, Axxerion, b+m Informatik (Germany), Ymor, Roxit, Onguard, ChainPoint, RVC, and TPSC. Moreover, Main Capital also holds a majority stake in managed hosting provider Denit. Main Capital has realized many successful exits such as recently Regas, Connexys (to Bullhorn) and ABIT / EuroSystems.

Note for the editor:

This press release is issued by Main Capital. For more information, please contact:

Charly Zwemstra (Managing Partner)
Main Capital Partners BV, Paleisstraat 6, 2514 JA, The Hague
Tel: +31 (0) 70 324 3433 / +31 (0) 6 512 77 805


Miranda Verschuren
SDB Ayton, Regulusweg 11, 2516 AC, The Hague
Tel: +31 (0) 70 357 0800 / +31 (0) 6 113 88 350


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