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  • 04-03-2024
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In February 2021, Daniela set foot on the dynamic journey with Main Capital Partners as an intern and now- three years later- she has evolved into a Senior Associate of the Nordics investment team. In this edition of the 'Working at Main' series we delve into Daniela's journey so far and get a first-hand insight into the dynamics of her multifaceted role.

The young, growing team and entrepreneurial mindset are, among others, the things that I like most about working at Main.

- Daniela von Koskull, Senior Associate at Main Capital Partners

Main not only stands as a powerhouse in the realm of strategic investments, but also serves as a nurturing ground for emerging talent. Offering internships that pave the way for long-term partnerships, Main provides a platform for individuals like Daniela, who commenced her journey as an intern and seamlessly transitioned into a full-time senior associate. “I found my way to Main three years ago, drawn by the firm’s focused approach to B2B software companies.”. In this article, we delve into Daniela’s experience, shedding light on the dynamic work culture, diverse responsibilities, and the rewarding challenges encountered while contributing to the growth of Main Capital Partners.

From Intern to Senior Associate

In February 2021, Daniela set foot on the dynamic journey with Main Capital Partners, drawn to the company’s focused investment approach in B2B software companies. Discovering Main on LinkedIn, Daniela’s interest led her to apply for an internship. “After a few rounds of interviews, including a case study, I was offered the opportunity.” she recalls. Throughout this period, she immersed herself in the dynamic work environment at Main, contributing actively to the team. As her internship concluded an exciting opportunity unfolded – the chance to transition from intern to a full-time role at Main.

Now, three years later, Daniela has evolved into a Senior Associate in the investment team, handling a multifaceted role. “In my role as a Senior Associate for the Nordics investment team, I wear multiple hats. I am entrusted with generating and executing new deal opportunities, while overseeing the portfolio management of companies within our portfolio. Currently, I am involved with four platform companies across the Nordics region, contributing to their growth strategies through various organic and inorganic initiatives. Additionally, I actively participate in onboarding and training new analysts within the investment team.”

Entrepreneurial mindset

What ignites Daniela’s passion is the chance to collaborate closely with seasoned entrepreneurs from Main’s portfolio companies. “I enjoy gaining an in-depth understanding of their businesses and supporting them in becoming leaders in their respective markets. We typically see concrete results, with accelerated growth, increased internationalization, and a stronger value proposition for the companies we work with.”

However, the dynamic nature of her role brings its challenges. “As the work we do is dynamic, we often encounter new situations and there might not always be a clear solution. Therefore, having an entrepreneurial mindset is crucial. We always work in teams, and these situations provide the best learning opportunities.”

Dynamic, open work culture

One aspect that sets Main Capital Partners apart for Daniela is its work culture. “In my role, the work culture thrives on dynamism, making each day distinct and steering clear of monotony. This environment not only ensures a steep learning curve, but also allows junior colleagues to dive into compelling projects from the outset, actively contributing to every facet of the deal process.”

For Daniela, Main Capital Partners provides an environment where learning is continuous, innovation is encouraged, and every team member plays a vital role.
“Working in small teams fosters a sense of importance for each member, encouraging collaboration. I appreciate being part of an international, driven, and growing team that constantly strives for improvement, aiming to enhance efficiency and scalability in our operations. The unique challenges and opportunities presented in the B2B software investment landscape, combined with Main’s dynamic work culture, have made this professional journey both exciting and fulfilling. Looking ahead, I am eager to continue contributing to the success of Main and the companies we partner with.”

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