Main Software 50 Benelux 2022

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On 17 November 2022, the Main Software 50 Benelux Awards took place at DeFabrique in Utrecht, the Netherlands. For the first time this year we expanded the ranking to Belgium.

A great succes

The show was hosted by Ann-Lynn Hamelink (RTL Z, RTL Nieuws) and co-hosted by Bram Kaashoek (Managing Director Market Intelligence & Performance Excellence, Main) and Sjoerd Aarts (Sr. Investment Manager).

Although the Main idea of the Main Software 50 event is to give acclaim and to show our well-deserved appreciation to outstanding companies in the sector, we complimented the event with an interesting panel discussion and a key note. This way, we were able to discuss relevant issues, encourage food-for-thought and contribute to knowledge-sharing.

We started off by discussing the impact of software on the healthcare sector in the form of a panel discussion with Maaike Kleinsmann (TUDelft), Jan Boersema (Philips), Erik de Heus (SkinVision) and Bjorn de Hoon (Avinty).We also tackled the topic regarding the impact of software on the retail food industry with a key note presented by Gerhard van der Bijl (CTO Albert Heijn, Etos and Gall&Gall). And of course, there was plenty of time for our guests to meet with their industry colleagues over some food and cocktails.

A glimpse of the event

The 2022 winners


The 1st Overall Champion and newcomer to the 2022 edition is UgenTec, provider of PCR workflow and analysis standardization solutions.


The 2nd Overall Champion is Plauti, a provider of data management solutions for the Sales Force platform.


The 2022 3rd Overall Champion is Liquit, a software company that provides solutions for digital workplaces that enable people to work easily anywhere, anytime.

The Main Accelerator Award

The 2022 Main Accelerator Award is presented to Belgian software company Accurat, a data-driven software company that collects and processes GDPR data for retailers.

The Highest Growth award

The winner of the Highest Growth award, a new face in the industry, is awarded to QR self-ordering platform Jamezz.

What the Main Software 50 Benelux 2022 looked like

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