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Main Capital Partners is a well-established private equity firm in Sweden. With nearly 20 years of experience in investing in SaaS and software companies, we’ve created strong international investment ties.

In our practice, we’ve seen Sweden become a leading country when it comes to private equity. Swedish private equity  funds create value, not only for investors, but also for the growth of new and established companies. As a strategic investor, we want to keep playing an active role in the transformative growth tech companies across the country and the Nordics are experiencing. In a bid to do so, we aim to inspire long-term sustainable development through partnering with software companies and helping them access private equity investment funds.

Private Equity: The Swedish tech industry is on the rise and we find that companies backed by Swedish private equity experience a large increase in productivity and growth.

Private Equity Firm in Stockholm, Sweden
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Stockholm is an international hub for private equity. With the city also being highly attractive towards tech companies and startups to touch-base with the Nordic markets, more investment opportunities are being created on an almost daily basis.

This is why Main Capital Partners decided to serve the Nordic market by opening up our first office here in Stockholm, right in the center of the financial district.

Private Equity in Sweden

As a trusted strategic investment company, we offer the support services you need to make the funding process more manageable. We’ve been in the strategic investment business long enough to have seen the different perspectives and multiple industry shifts that have defined modern private investment.

Private equity investment can get very technical. However, these investment funds can help propel your business towards realizing its strategic objectives and mature in their respected sector.

So, how do we go about the process of securing a private equity investment fund?

Private equity investment explained

To invest in a company, a private equity firm will acquire pools of capital from limited partners to create the fund. Once the fundraising goals have been met, the fund is closed and the capital is invested in the company in question.

In some cases, private equity-supported companies may also go public if their status grows to significantly support this move. However, the term “private investment” means that a non-public equity investment company will directly invest in a business or engage in the buyout of said business.

Private equity Stockholm

Sweden is a leading country when it comes to private equity, housing some of the most specialized private equity firms in Europe. As such, the Swedish private equity sector has a great deal of opportunities in becoming a source of export income by generating interest for international capital, and invest in firms at an international level.

Measured as a share of GDP, the amount of private equity capital raised in Sweden is among the largest in the EU. Around one third of this capital goes to companies located in other European countries, making Stockholm a private equity hub supporting high-potential companies across the Nordic region.

Private equity also creates value as a highly attractive form of asset management for other institutional investors. In recent years, private equity investments have become more popular as a long-term, stable and high-return alternative investment type. In fact, European private equity funds have consistently outperformed comparable indices of listed companies.

Equity investment with Main

Main Capital Partners is a private equity investment company with an exclusive focus on enterprise software companies across the Benelux, DACH and Nordic regions. The team operates from three local offices in The Hague, Stockholm and Dusseldorf. Main Capital Partners is a leading specialist company in management buyouts and later-stage growth capital.

Main Capital Nordics dedicated team of investment specialists prioritizes helping Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian software companies develop further, not just in terms of market size but in their value adding services. Sharing business model experience, collaborating on clever partner strategies and selective acquisitions – these are just some of the ways in which Main Capital Nordics shares their expertise.

As an award winning private equity firm, we work passionately, yet vigilantly, to secure growth capital that ensures the prosperity of your business.

“Our team of focused professionals are here to assist you when it comes to managing your private equity investment fund. Lead by industry analyses and trustworthy market reports, our team provides the insights you need to develop your unique investment growth strategy”