Main Capital Partners is a strategic investor in the software industry - we focus on accelerating growth and generating business value

Main Capital Partners

Main is a strategic investor with an exclusive focus on enterprise software companies in the Benelux, DACH and Nordics regions. We have a long-term, value-added investment horizon centered around successful partnerships with founders and management teams. Our common goal is to create operational and strategic value, and build large and healthy software groups driven by solid business fundamentals.

Within the software sector, we are the most specialized company for management buyouts and later-stage growth capital. With an experienced team of financial- and operational professionals we have over €2.2bn in assets under management for investments in mature, profitable and growing product software companies that disrupt markets and trigger change.

Since 2003 we successfully support and closely collaborate with our portfolio companies to realize their full potential, focusing on sustainable growth through strategic product-market positioning and selective buy-and-build, partnerships and internationalization strategies.


We have nearly 20 years of experience with proven, profitable growth strategies for software companies. With a long-term commitment to the software industry, we have become the knowledge leader in the Benelux, DACH, and Nordics regions.


We have over €2.2bn in assets under management (AUM) available for strategic investments in growing and profitable software companies. Typical equity investments range from EUR 10 to EUR 50 million, but we are flexible as to the size, form, and structure of investments we make.


We have access to an extensive network of potential partners and add-on candidates in the Western-European software market. Our cross-border network constitutes of >5.000 software companies, with whom we are in close contact and share our knowledge and experience.

Strategic partner

We are committed to building long-term sustainable partnerships with founders and management teams, with the aim to build larger sustainable software groups.

We like to work with ambitious, but realistic management teams that have both feet on the ground, just like us. We believe a strong fit in culture and values to be essential for a successful partnership.

What we do

With nearly 20 years of experience in investing in SaaS and software companies, we have specialized knowledge and experience in the strategic development of software companies. Main Capital Partners invests in product software companies with proven business models and track-records, high recurring revenues, distinctive market positioning and long-term growth potential.

We understand the dynamics of the software industry and dedicate considerable resources to our market intelligence practice to generate a competitive edge for the development of our portfolio companies. Main takes a thorough product-market analysis as the starting point for an active buy-and-build strategy and provides active pragmatic support through experienced partners in the non-executive boards of portfolio companies.

Main helps in the redistribution of shareholder positions and aims to generate substantial shareholder value via autonomous growth and smart add-on acquisitions. Typical investments range from EUR 10 to EUR 50 million, but we are flexible as to the size, form, and structure of the investments we make.



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