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Main Capital Partners is a well-established private equity firm in the Netherlands, with a strong presence in the Benelux – based in The Hague. With nearly 20 years of experience in investing in SaaS and software companies, we’ve created strong investment ties with leading software companies in the Netherlands.

As a strategic investor, we want to keep playing an active role in advancing the market opportunities tech companies across the country are experiencing. In order to do so, we partner with software companies to help them gain access to the funds they need in order to propel their business forward.

Our Offices

Main currently has two offices in The Hague. Our headquarters are located in The Hague’s buzzing city centre, in the Paleisstraat, surrounded by iconic landmarks such as the Binnenhof, Noordeinde Palace and the Peace Palace. The bustling city life, with restaurants, shops and coffee bars are only a few minutes walking distance away from the office, creating a very pleasant work environment.

Our locations in The Hague houses our Benelux investment team and the departments Investor Relations, Administration, Compliance, Human Resources and Marketing & Communications. Also located in The Hague is Main’s Market Intelligence and Performance Excellence Group, which continuously conducts researches into the software field to extract valuable learnings and offers practical guidance for our portfolio companies.

To create room for our growing team, we opened up a second location in the Alexanderstraat as a temporary solution, until works on our new headquarters are finished. We found our future head office close to our current HQ, located at the historic city square Plein 1813. A beautiful, monumental building, fitting our growth ambitions, is currently being renovated into a modern office space. Works are expected to finish mid 2023.

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Private Equity in the Netherlands

As a trusted strategic investment company, we offer the support services you need to make the funding process more manageable. We’ve been in the strategic investment business since 2003, and have seen the different perspectives and multiple industry shifts that have defined the software market.

Private equity investment can get very technical. However, the right strategic investment firm can help propel your business towards realizing its strategic objectives and mature in their respected sector.

So, how do we go about the process of private equity investment?

Private equity investment explained

To be able to invest in companies, a private equity firm will acquire pools of capital from limited partners to create a fund. Once the fundraising goals have been met, the fund is closed and the capital can be invested. The private equity firm will search for potential investments that fit the investment strategy. For example, Main Capital Partners invests exclusively in small to mid-sizes enterprise software companies that meet specific performance and growth-potential standards.

Main offers several fundlines to enable a differentiated investment approach, like the flagship fundline ‘Main Capital’  for established software companies with an enterprise value ranging from 25 million EUR up to 250 million EUR and the fundline ‘Main Foundation’ for smaller, fast-growing companies. 

Private equity The Hague

The Netherlands is strongly advancing as a top market for private equity investment, with The Hague acting as a regional hub for governmental and financial bodies and a growing number of enterprise software companies. The Hague is close to Dutch centers of SaaS and Tech expertise, like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. Companies in the Netherlands are continuing to experience growth from private investments.

Investors are interested in companies at virtually every phase of development, and are looking for startups and more established companies that are undergoing restructuring or seeking growth capital. This interest is welcomed as the tech landscape continues to demonstrate its success as a continuously developing and innovating industry.

The Dutch and Benelux markets also present lucrative investment opportunities, from an international perspective. The Netherlands is a great base for expanding into other European markets. Cross-border investments have proven to be an excellent strategy for strengthening both the product offering and the positioning of scalable (SaaS) software companies.  Private equity partners from abroad show a great deal of interest in Dutch companies, which also supports an international ecosystem of innovation and collaboration.

Why choose our Private Equity firm in The Hague?

Equity investment with Main

Main is a private equity investment company with a focus on software companies in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Our headquarters in The Hague is our home-base for the local market, and for building and maintaining an ecosystem within the Benelux software market. Main also has offices in Düsseldorf and Stockholm, to facilitate access to the DACH and Nordics software markets. With over 100 investments made since 2003, Main currently is the most active investment company with a software focus in Northwest Europe and is widely acknowledged as a leading specialist in management buyouts and later-stage growth capital. In 2021, Main received the M&A Award for Best Mid-Cap Private Equity Firm.

Main’s dedicated team of investment specialists prioritises helping Netherlands-based software companies develop further, not just in terms of market size but in their value adding services. Sharing business model experience, collaborating on clever partner strategies and selective acquisitions – these are just some of the ways in which Main shares their expertise in order to drive growth.

As an award winning private equity firm, we work passionately, yet vigilantly, to secure growth capital that ensures the prosperity of your business. The team in The Hague is headed by Main’s Pieter van Bodegraven, Managing Partner Benelux. Pieter van Bodegraven has a vast experience building successful software groups as a board member for over 15 companies. He joined Main in 2004 and has since led many successful transactions with his keen business eye and his almost encyclopaedical knowledge of the global enterprise software landscape.

 “Our Benelux team consists of investment professionals who are all focused on building strong, long-term relationships with the founders and management teams of software companies. After 20 years in the field we understand what drives software businesses and can help company leaders leverage market opportunities. We excel at driving sustainable growth for our platform companies, while using a multi-stakeholder approach. Lead by industry analyses and trustworthy market reports, our team provides the insights software leaders need to develop a unique investment growth strategy.”