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SDB Groep offers a complete modular suite of solutions for all primary and secondary processes of healthcare organizations.

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The only SaaS Software and Services company that develops innovative, user-friendly and fully integrated software solutions for healthcare and childcare.

SDB offers care organizations a wide range of best-of-breed solutions, which can be purchased separately or in a fully integrated suite. The healthcare organization itself decides to what extent it wants to use SDB’s solutions and thus benefits from a distinct mix of flexibility and interoperability. A recent addition to SDB’s suite is ‘SDB Octopus’: a mobile digital assistant that already relieves more than 30,000 healthcare employees of the administrative burden in their daily activities. SDB Groep supports over 1,000 clients spread across various segments within the Dutch healthcare sector in all their primary and secondary processes, such as ‘s Heeren Loo, the largest care provider in the Dutch disability care market. Together, the SDB Groep now has about 450 employees.

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Teamwork is at our core - we collaborate and share insights cross-border, just as we do with our portfolio companies.

Sjoerd Aarts
Managing Partner & Head of Benelux
Job de Fijter
Senior Associate
Felix Snoeck Henkemans
Senior Associate

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