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  • 09-02-2023
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Main interviewed Malin Svanberg, regarding her new role CCO for the Björn Lundén Group.

The biggest challenge here does not necessarily lie in consolidating itself, but actually adapting to different local markets dynamics. Thus, the real questions are: how do we localise effectively?

- Malin Svanberg, CCO at Björn Lundén Group.

Main interviewed Malin Svanberg about her new role as Chief Commercial Officer for the Björn Lundén Group, which Main acquired last year. With years of experience, Svanberg brings deep knowledge of software sales in the financial-administrative software industry. Formerly, she held the positions of Key Account Manager and Country Manager for the Nordics at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting.


What is your passion in your field of work?

“I am passionate about defining processes for companies that make them better every day, and help shaping strong profitable growth profiles. I am also very interested in people and relations- I believe everything is about effective communication, clear and transparent.”

What is your interest in software in general?

“My interest does not necessarily lie in software in general, but I do like the technical aspect of working for a software company. I find it fascinating to understand the mechanisms of value creation that you see across the enterprise software industry. This especially goes for expert solutions: you do not only have to explain how the software works, but more what problem it solves and the value it delivers in work processes of end-users. It’s a much larger story and more complex; and that complexity is exactly what sparks my interest.”

And for BL, more specifically?

“I found it very intriguing to be part of a new journey with the Björn Lundén group; to have the bigger picture of the direction and to be part of the entire growth process. The role is a perfect fit for me because I like to be able to influence and set direction.”

Can you describe your role at Björn Lundén?

“As Chief Commercial Officer of Björn Lundén, I am responsible for building up the commercial department. Our group consists of 5 different companies, each with their own set up, organisation, leaders and go-to-market frameworks. My role is to make sure the Marketing and Sales divisions are integrated properly and that everything and everyone involved works effectively. Currently, the company is in the midst of a huge transformation period, which calls for integration and rebranding.The focus of our company is to consolidate the assets of five separate companies under one, unified roof. Part of this is to make sure we have one common brand name across all our products.”

What levers will Björn Lundén use and what are the benefits of internationalization?

“We are trying to find the right and best suited product portfolio for the Tax and Accounting market. This is because Tax & Accountancy firms form our primary target customer group and we intend to reach SMEs through them as well. Finding generic software to take to an international level without too much localisation is the objective. That can be done by more add-on companies and with partner solutions. So we can also work in a more generic way, especially in development and marketing, which, in turn, will make us stronger and more effective.

What is the biggest challenge for Björn Lundén?

“Our ambition is to internationalise the company. The biggest challenge here does not necessarily lie in consolidating itself, but actually adapting to different local markets dynamics. Thus, the real questions are: how do we localise effectively? And more specifically, how do we make sure our product suite adapts and integrates efficiently?” Svanberg explains.

“Expanding to unexplored geographies is a great opportunity, but it’s also a big challenge. We need to make sure the integration runs smoothly. It’s so much more than just traveling abroad. If you want to be effective and profitable you will have to make sure the software you provide has the right localisation, especially when it comes to regulatory aspects. Every economy has its own regulatory context – closely related to the work of Tax and Accountancy specialists – , and Financial-administrative software has to be able to adapt to these differences. Björn Lundén is well equipped to do this. Strong collaboration between product management, content specialists, marketeers, customer success management and sales is a clear success factor.” Svanberg concludes.

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