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Main Capital Partners is a well-established private equity firm in Germany, based in Dusseldorf. With almost 20 years of experience in investing in B2B software companies, and a growing team of currently >12 FTE in Düsseldorf, we’ve created a strong ecosystem in the DACH region. Over the years, we’ve seen the many market shifts that private equity in Germany has experienced, with an increasing focus now being placed on collaboration between investors and companies to help each other grow. As a strategic investor, we want to play an active role in the transformative growth of tech and software companies across the country. In a bid to do so, we aim to inspire sustainable growth through long-term partnerships with entrepreneurs and management teams, by providing them with industry knowledge, a strong European network, pragmatic support, as well as helping them to get access to new markets and geographies.  This is what sets Main Capital Partners apart from other private equity firms: we follow a clear multi-stakeholder approach, working closely with the leadership teams of the companies that we manage.

On this page, we’ll tell you more about private equity in Düsseldorf, as part of private equity in Germany.

Private Equity Firm in Düsseldorf, Germany
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Visit our office in Düsseldorf

Since 2016, Düsseldorf has been home to Main’s office in Germany. Located just on the outskirt of buzzing Altstad, our office is surrounded by urban, young and trending businesses and of course the iconic Altbier breweries. The cosmopolitan mindset surrounding our private equity Düsseldorf division is fresh and inspiring. We’re also just minutes away from the belt of financial firms and media and tech companies that run through our neighborhood.

Would you like to receive more information about a partnership with Main? Feel free to contact us, we hope to see you in Düsseldorf soon.

Private Equity in Germany

As a trusted German investment company, we have invested in approximately >25 software companies in Germany and the DACH region since 2016. According to the independent private equity database, Preqin, Main Capital Partners is one of the most active software investors in Germany.

Growing a company beyond a pivotal point or internationalizing a business can be very challenging. Receiving support from an investment fund like Main can help propel a business towards realizing its strategic objectives and mature in its respective sector.

Private equity investment explained

To invest in a company, a private equity firm will raise capital from limited partners to create a fund. Once the fundraising goals have been met, the fund is closed and the capital can be invested. Main Capital Partners focuses exclusively on mid- to later-stage, non-public enterprise software companies and selects its investments very carefully, looking at the growth potential, the software services and recurring revenue, amongst many other KPIs. Our Main investment specialists, of which 12 are located in Germany, continuously scope DACH software companies which offer good investment opportunities.

In some cases, private equity-supported companies may also go public if their status grows to significantly support this move. However, the term “private investment” means that a non-public equity investment company will directly invest in a business or engage in the buyout of said business.

Investing in software in Germany

Today, Germany is host to one of the top markets for private equity investment, with a growing number of private equity firms investing in German companies. The technology industry and its related sectors are of particular interest to investors, as the tech landscape continues to demonstrate its success as a continuously developing and innovating market.

Germany’s tech sector is already strongly developed and advances each day, however, it still lags behind its neighbors like the Benelux region or Scandinavia. With strong growth in sectors such as HR Software, Prop Tech or Security software, it comes as no surprise that investors show increasing interest in supporting German tech companies.  Not to mention the new market entrants who are bringing about a refreshing mindset to how business is carried out.

Historically, Germany’s software sector has been overlooked to a large part by international investors that have rather been focusing on their Anglo-American counterparts. With the rise of numerous new tech companies in Germany, international investors also started to acknowledge the innovative power of German software firms. Main opened office in Germany in 2016 after having built extensive experience in the German market working with Dutch platform companies. Currently we manage 10 active platform companies in the DACH region.

In some cases, private equity-supported companies may also go public if their status grows to significantly support this move. However, the term “private investment” means that a non-public equity investment company will directly invest in a business or engage in the buyout of said business.

Working with Main Capital Partners

Main’s dedicated team of private equity investment specialists in Düsseldorf prioritize helping DACH-based software companies to develop further, not just in terms of market size but also in their value adding services. Sharing business model experience, stimulating international sales, collaborating on clever partner strategies and selective acquisitions – these are just some of the ways in which we share our expertise. 

As a reputable private equity firm in Germany, we are committed to support the growth and prosperity of our portfolio businesses. Our team in Düsseldorf is headed by Main’s senior investment team member Sven van Berge Henegouwen. With an advanced background in financial economics and financial law, and extensive experience leading many investment projects, he was asked to establish the Düsseldorf office in 2016.

“Our investment professionals can advise management teams and founders of enterprise software companies on strategy, improving business performance and growth paths like internationalisation or buy-and-build. Lead by industry analyses and trustworthy market reports, which are developed by our in-house market intelligence team, we can provide the insights you need to build a leading software company.”