Bizzdesign’s Enterprise Architecture cloud platform helps customers with complex digital business changes by giving them insights to increase the success rate of business transformation and drive strategic execution.

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A global Enterprise Architecture software company

Founded in 2000, Bizzdesign is the trusted global SaaS Enterprise Architecture platform and recognized as a leader by major analyst firms. They help the world’s leading public and private organizations guarantee the success of investment prioritization, transformation initiatives, and risk management. Bizzdesign helps architects and executives to see a full multi-dimensional picture, find and design the right path and execute with confidence to their targeted future. The company believes that success should not be a matter of luck. It should be by design.

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Teamwork is at our core - we collaborate and share insights cross-border, just as we do with our portfolio companies.

Jeffrey Sanya
Senior Investment Manager
Job de Fijter
Senior Associate
Jorik Marcelis

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