WeFact is a SaaS invoicing software provider in order for customers to maintain continuous insight and control over their administration.

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Financial-Administrative Software
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A go-to-market strategy focused on product-led growth

WeFact, founded in 2005 and based in Eersel (North Brabant, the Netherlands), has developed into a leading software developer for invoicing and administration. WeFact provides a powerful solution for sending invoices, preparing quotes and processing purchase invoices so that business owners gain and maintain control over their administration. The company provides its platform to more than 10,000 entrepreneurs within the Netherlands, Belgium and numerous other European companies. More than 750 accounting firms act as reselling partners for WeFact and recommend it as the ideal online invoicing and administration solution for entrepreneurs. WeFact employs around 17 people.

Main will be our backbone and offer the specific help we need as a fast-growing company

- Roel Korting, CEO at WeFact

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Teamwork is at our core - we collaborate and share insights cross-border, just as we do with our portfolio companies.

Ivo van Deudekom
Investment Director
Jeffrey Sanya
Senior Investment Manager
Henri Beverdam
Senior Associate

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