In conversation with Omnidocs’ CEO and Co-founder, Jeppe Schytte-Hansen

  • 04-04-2024
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In the fast-paced world of Enterprise Information Management, Omnidocs stands out as a leading provider of comprehensive document solutions designed to streamline workflows and enhance productivity. Recently, Main sat down with Jeppe Schytte-Hansen, CEO and Co-founder of Omnidocs, to delve deeper into the company's journey and the future of smart documents. 

In January 2024, Main formed a strategic partnership with Omnidocs, supporting it in its ongoing journey towards becoming a leading Smart Document software provider in the larger Enterprise Information Management sector. The partnership will enable Omnidocs to benefit from Main's large footprint and network within the international software landscape.

Transforming the smart document industry

Jeppe paints a vivid picture of Omnidocs’ core offerings: “We are a document company. We assist our clients and partners with everything within the document realm. From creating branded templates to developing innovative productivity tools like Documotor, our purpose is simple: we make every workday work better.”

Reflecting on his career path, Jeppe shares the inspiration behind co-founding Omnidocs: “Twenty years ago, in 2004, we saw a gap in the market for companies specializing in document creation with a focus on brand compliance and productivity gains,” he explains. This realization led to the birth of Omnidocs, with a mission to empower large enterprises and end-users alike. When asked about his fascination with the software industry, Jeppe emphasizes the transformative power of technology in improving work processes. “Even today, there’s still plenty of room for improvement in large enterprises,” he notes. “That’s where solid software solutions come into play to actually improve the productivity as a company or as a user.”

Leading the Change and Navigating Success

In the midst of steering Omnidocs towards its goals, Jeppe reflects on the essential components that contribute to a successful and efficient organization in today’s dynamic business climate. He emphasizes, “I think there is a list of things that are important in order to be successful and efficient organization.” He underscores the significance of “client obsession”, stressing the importance of understanding clients’ pain points and specific needs. “We have to be focused on the value they are looking for and not just the jobs they need to get fixed.”, he affirms. Here Jeppe highlights the necessity of innovation in terms of product and services as well as market approaches. “Don’t get stuck.”, he mentions; “Continue to think about how you could solve something even better than yesterday with new technology, rooted in actual client needs.”

“And in order to grow, the importance of building a scalable infrastructure is crucial, especially in the context of scaling the business through buy-and-build strategies.” Jeppe adds, “We need to ensure that we can serve large enterprise clients with both brainpower and computing power.”, noting the potential convergence of these elements in the future.

During the process of scaling-up, Jeppe underscores the critical role of clear communication, both internally and externally. “Many of us could benefit from sharpening the message and repeating it again and again to make it stick.”, he suggests. By fostering open and transparent communication channels, Omnidocs aims to ensure that colleagues and clients alike actively contribute to the dialogue, thereby fostering a culture of collaboration and shared success. As CEO of Omnidocs, Jeppe sees his role as empowering his colleagues and driving the company’s strategic vision: “If my colleagues shine in front of our clients, we’re doing well as a company.”

The partnership: the onset and future ambitions

The strategic partnership with Main Capital has come to play a pivotal role in shaping the company’s trajectory. Jeppe sheds light on how this collaboration came about: “I met with the Main Capital team in the Nordic’s region for the first time in 2021, three years ago.” Following extensive discussions with numerous private equity and venture capital firms, the synergy and genuine interest displayed by Main stood out. “Main’s deep-sector focus, b2b SaaS focus and genuine interest were impressive.”, Jeppe recalls, emphasizing the seamless alignment of visions that paved the way for collaboration.

Looking ahead, Omnidocs is focused on ambitious goals during the current partnership with Main, aiming to establish a European powerhouse in smart documents, focusing on client-centricity and delivering productivity-enhancing solutions across Europe and North America: “Our recent partnership with Main gives us several competitive advantages.” With a keen eye on technology, Omnidocs anticipates AI’s pivotal role in reshaping enterprise workflows. By emphasizing a “knowledge-first” approach- as Jeppe recounts- and leveraging Main Capital’s resources, Omnidocs is proactively exploring AI-based solutions to meet evolving client needs. While scaling and expanding, Omnidocs prioritizes strategic areas like partnerships, vertical and horizontal growth, and internationalization. Despite impending challenges such as economic uncertainties and talent acquisition, Main’s support ensures that Omnidocs is poised to address both business-critical issues and broad productivity challenges faced by large enterprises.

Main’s deep-sector focus, b2b Saas focus and genuine interest were impressive.''

- Jeppe Schytte-Hansen, CEO and Co-founder of Omnidocs

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