Main CEO Day 2024

  • Community Events
  • Amsterdam
The Main CEO Day is an event that is exclusively organized for close community of CEOs and non-executive board members of our portfolio companies.

On March 14th 2024 we hosted the annual Main CEO Day at the Okura Hotel Amsterdam, gathering our esteemed community of C-level executives within our portfolio. This year’s event delved deep into the pivotal realm of International, customer-centric strategies, and value-based go-to-market approaches.

Key takeaways

  • Embracing Transformation for Customer Value:

Christian Baumgart (CEO of Aunetic) discussed the idea of embracing change to elevate customer value:

“At Aunetic, we’re all about boosting customer value and driving cross-selling through dynamic enhancements in our solution portfolio. Embracing change is key to us, where speed and security defines our transformative journey.”

  • Maximizing Value through Strategic Pricing:

Ross Paterson (CEO of WoodWing) disused how monetizing customer value through strategic pricing mechanisms are key drivers of success:

“When monetizing the customer value ask the question: What is their willingness to pay for the value that we bring to them? Collecting these value drives and use them to define upsell paths in your pricing and packaging strategy.”

  • Putting Customers First for Lasting Success:

Matthias Kolhardt (CEO of MACH) provided first-hand insights from the MACH perspective and emphasized the importance of steadfast focus as a pivotal driver of achievement:

“As we expand, customer-centricity becomes paramount for our success. It’s important to prioritize customer needs, ensuring they trust our evolving journey and recognize the value we consistently deliver. Continuous dialogue and attentive listening are key.”

  • Navigating the US Market with Precision:

Daan Visscher (Co-head of North America & Investment Director at Main Capital Partners) provided an update on MCP’s US Strategy and the story of our portfolio company, Cloud Coach, discussing the importance of harnessing Ideal Customer Profiles for Product Enhancement and Organic Expansion:

“Cost optimalization is crucial in 2024, as clients must do more, with less. When we went back to the drawing board with Cloud Coach, our response was to reduce buyer risk by implementing the so-called ‘Land and Expand’ model. However, for the “expand” part of the equation to actually work, the tool must actually solve the buyer’s problem. We must be even more strategic about the specific problems we are solving, and for whom.”

What the Main CEO Day 2024 looked like