Main Insight Event Benelux 2024

  • Main Insight Event
  • The Hague
The Main Insight Event Benelux is hosted annually as a knowledge-sharing and networking platform for our close community of C-level software executives across the Benelux region. This year's event was held at the Hilton Hotel in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Like every year, a trending topic is explored through several panel discussions and key notes, bringing together experts in the field who will share their insights and perspectives to help stimulate meaningful conversations and provide key takeaways. Furthermore, attendees had the opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals.

The event was moderated by Ann-Lynn Hamelink and co-hosted by Sjoerd Aarts (Partner & Head of Benelux at Main) and was focused on the theme Marketing strategies as part of Go-to-Market of enterprise software companies: how to reach & win in complex B-to-B environments.

The line-up:


  • Mark Appel, Chief Marketing Officer at Sendcloud
  • Shipra Jain, Director, Sales Strategy at Salesforce
  • Shimon Ben Ayoun, Co-Founder & Managing Director at SPOTONVISION
  • Ciarán Regan, Chief Marketing Officer at Bizzdesign
  • Susana Delgado, Non-executive Board member at Inverid
  • Bram Kaashoek, COO & Partner at Main Capital Partners



Some key-learnings from the event:

  • Embracing Full-Funnel Marketing: Flipping the Funnel for Success

“Leads, brand, and authority are the key components, yet effectively capturing these aspects presents a challenge. The solution lies in embracing full-funnel marketing,” as explained by Mark Appel from Sendcloud, during the Main Insight Event Benelux 2024.The traditional funnel comprises three stages: Creating Awareness (emotional messaging), Demand Creation (value messaging), and Demand Capture (capability messaging). However, delving deeper, Mark suggests the key to success lies in flipping the funnel, beginning with the in-market audience. This strategy prioritizes demand capture, followed by demand creation, and ultimately brand building.


  • Translate leads to deals through embracing Marketing as a Sales accelerator

“Aligning on personas is crucial. Sales knows the ideal customer, so why not share that with marketing? Collaborate to create personas, align on KPIs, establish a consistent cadence, and monitor progress regularly.”, as explained by Shipra Jain from Salesforce


  • Redefine B2B growth through account-based marketing

“The most urgent strategy in B2B today is focusing your time and money on the accounts that are most likely to buy. This is where account based marketing comes into play. ”, as explained by Shimon Ben Ayoun from SPOTONVISION

Shimon explained three key aspects of ABM, starting with prioritizing high value accounts, as 20% of the customers make 80% of the revenue. So, how do you focus on this 20%?

To start off, you can use the FIRE to score and rank accounts:

                      Fit (Accounts in your ICP)
                      Intent (Interest in your products and/or competitors)
                      Relationship (Content and history with the account)
                      Engagement (Time spent with your company)


  • Align Product Marketing with Sales and Customer Success for cohesive messagin

Ciarán Regan from Bizzdesign explained the importance of team alignment mentioning: “Product marketing should serve as a bridge not only between the product and the market but also align sales, product marketing, and customer success. This ensures that all departments are working towards a unified goal and messaging. So avoid fragmentation. Without coordinated sales enablement materials, sales teams might create their own, leading to inconsistencies. Proper research and alignment can prevent this and ensure cohesive messaging across the board.”


  • Leveraging Tools for Efficient Funnel Management

Leverage the right tools along the sales process —such as Add Management, CRM Systems, and Marketing Automation tools—to efficiently manage funnels, and be analytical.”, as emphasized by Susana Delgado from Inverid during the panel discussion on how to close the Marketing and Sales G2M gap.

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- Ulf Bokelund Svensson, CEO at Björn Lundén

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