Main CTO Day

For our close community of CTOs and lead developers we organize the Main CTO Day. During this day we will host several presentations on new developments in the ever-evolving technology landscape. We believe it is highly important to take the time to share knowledge, experiences and great ideas with a group of like-minded tech leaders.

Park Plaza Hotel, Utrecht

Co-learning and collaboration is a core strategies of Main. The Main CTO Event Is one of the ways in which we facilitate and uphold this strategies and gives CTOs and lead developers from our portfolio companies the opportunity to communicate and share their views and expertise. So, on September 29th we once again proudly hosted the 9th edition of the event at the Park Hotel in Utrecht. The event hosted a select audience of CTO’s and CTPs from across our portfolio companies. The main topic of this year: “How Product development contributes to Product-led Growth, and the role of the CTO/COPO.”

The kick-off and moderation of the event was done by Bram Kaashoek, the Managing Director Market Intelligence and Performance Intelligence at Main.

We hosted an excellent selection of speakers who shared their views, expertise and experiences:

  • Massimo Capoccia (EVP Product management & Development at Infor)
  • Dimitra Retsina (CTPO at Temper)
  • Johan van der Poel (Head of product-LED Growth at Mendix)
  • Peter Mathijsen (CPTO at BizzDesign)
  • Jason Raats (Market Intellegence at Main Capital Partners)

The key takeaways of the event were:

  • The product management role is an important and valuable discipline for optimizing product growth.
  • The role of the CTP and CTPO is changing: collaboration across multiple disciplines.
  • Take on more data-driven approaches.
  • A Product Manager is the bridge between engineering and business.
  • Being a good Product Manger requires hard work and dedication. “Be the spider in the web”, as Massimo Capo states.
  • Collaboration and communication is important.

With over 80 participants the main CTO event had a big turn-up and was a great success. We thank our speakers and chairman of the day and we look forward to the next edition in 2023.