BCS (backed by Main Capital) acquires two Dutch software companies MediSoft and Tasper

  • 18-10-2022
  • Press release
HRM and payroll software provider BCS HR Group (“BCS”) acquires two Dutch software companies Tasper and MediSoft with the support of software investor Main Capital Partners.

HRM and payroll software provider BCS HR Group (“BCS”) acquires two Dutch software companies Tasper and MediSoft with the support of software investor Main Capital Partners (‘’Main’’). These are the second and third add-on acquisitions since the investment from Main Capital Partners in April 2022. The acquisitions of Tasper and MediSoft, resemble BCS HR Groups’ endeavor of further extending their position in the Human Capital Management market in the Benelux region. The Human Capital Management market is expanding, with various consolidation opportunities.

BCS HR group has ca 150 employees after the acquisitions.

 Strengthening and expanding BCS’s market position:

BCS provides HRM and payroll administration solutions and services to (larger) SMEs in the Netherlands. The company, launched in 1978, has grown into one of the biggest salary processing companies in the Netherlands. BSC strongly believes in all-encompassing service through all the necessary tools in order for their clients to have full control. With this in mind, their core aim is to offer a broad spectrum of HR solutions to their clients, which is achieved through organic growth and product development in combination with a buy-and-build strategy. The acquisition of Tasper and Medisoft, along with the acquisition of Apployed in July, mark their efforts in implementing this strategy.

Joep Eijkens, CEO of BCS, commented: “We are proud to support our customers in the field of employee health and satisfaction through the acquisitions of Tasper and MediSoft. We help our customers to prioritize employees by enabling them to offer flexible employment conditions, absenteeism and reintegration more efficiently while improving employee happiness. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the well-being of the employee with the BCS software suite.’’

The Medisoft acquisition:

MediSoft and Tasper both offer complementary solutions to the product portfolio of BCS. Amongst others, the MediSoft solutions covers absenteeism registration, case management and re-integration trajectories. Combined, BCS will be able to offer a strong end-to-end absence management solution, which is currently used by corporates and healthcare organizations. As BCS currently has limited presence in these markets, the customer base will be expanded which leads to additional growth opportunities. The MediSoft platform is a modern and clean solution which is capable of serving both SME segment and large corporates. The strong presence of BCS in the SME market will allow MediSoft to enter into this market. MediSoft is well positioned to support companies in their journey to improve employee wellbeing. Furthermore, through the expansion of the product offerings with complementary solutions like MediSoft, BCS can continue to offer better and more complete package for its customers.

René Griffioen, owner of MediSoft, explains: “The collaboration with BCS offers us added value so that we can continue to grow. We think it is important that our software is accessible to every company, including SMEs. In this way, the employee can be centralized everywhere in the Netherlands. BCS is the perfect partner for us here.”

The Tasper acquisition:

Tasper specializes in software that allows companies to offers flexible benefits to their employees. Solutions provided by Tasper include – but are not limited to – personal benefit statements, fitness budget, training budget, absence/leave, declarations, time registration and CO2 registration. The solution improves employee engagement and satisfaction which has become more important over the years. With the acquisition of Tasper, BCS is responding to the call from employees to have more control over their working conditions. There is a strong cross-sell potential of the Tasper product suite across the BCS customer base. The current client base of Tasper consists of larger corporates, similar to MediSoft, and companies such as (semi-) governmental institutions and financial services providers. Tasper has expanded towards the SME market in the past years. With the strong position of BCS in this segment, the group expects to continue growing and further roll-out the solutions over the rest of the client base.

Rodney Schwartz, founder of Tasper, said: “By joining forces, we combine 40 years of experience of BCS with our innovative software. This allows us to further develop our industry-leading solutions and provide our customers with a more complete product offering.”



MediSoft was founded in 1996 and located in Amstelveen. The company develops innovative solutions for absenteeism case management. MediSoft employs approximately 13 employees. MediSoft enables its users to register and manage absenteeism, maintain detailed case files, and efficiently operate reintegration trajectories while ensuring adherence to all compliance standards.


BCS was founded in 1997 and provides modern HRM and Payroll administration solutions and services to SMEs in the Netherlands. Solutions include software for payroll, time tracking and personal administration. The company employees about 115 people who serve more than 2,300 customers from its office in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.


Tasper was founded in 1998 and has grown into the market leader in software for flexible employee conditions. They offer a SaaS solution for HR purposes, which allows companies to offer flexible benefits to their employees. The solution improves employee engagement as it gives employees control and overview over their benefits package while providing employers with an all-encompassing platform to monitor benefits. The company is located in Deventer and counts up to 17 employees.

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