Main Capital Partners announces the successful sale of Cleversoft to LLCP

  • 12-06-2023
  • Press release
Main Capital Partners announces the highly successful sale of Cleversoft to Levine Leichtman Capital Partners (“LLCP”).

Main Capital Partners is pleased to announce the highly successful sale of Cleversoft to Levine Leichtman Capital Partners (“LLCP”). Cleversoft has emerged as a prominent player in the regulatory technology (RegTech) sector, providing efficient solutions for financial institutions to navigate complex regulatory challenges in the financial industry.

Main Capital Partners made its strategic investment in Cleversoft in 2018, recognizing its potential to become a leading RegTech software provider. Over the course of Main’s investment period, Cleversoft transformed from a DACH-focused player into a pan-European leader in regulatory software for financial institutions, achieving remarkable growth and expansion. During this time, Cleversoft’s revenues more than tripled, solidifying its position as a market leader.

Main played a pivotal role in supporting Cleversoft’s growth trajectory, including strategic acquisitions that enhanced the company’s product portfolio and market presence. Main backed Cleversoft’s acquisition of CDDS, a holistic software provider specializing in anti-money laundering solutions for banks, asset managers, and other financial institutions. Additionally, Cleversoft further strengthened its offerings with the acquisition of BusinessForensics, proprietary financial and economic crime prevention solutions supplier and SecondFloor, provider of innovative compliance and risk management software focused on the insurance sector, further strengthened its offerings.

The sale of Cleversoft to LLCP marks another significant achievement for Main Capital Partners. LLCP, as the acquiring party, recognizes the exceptional value and expertise that Cleversoft brings to the RegTech market. The transaction will provide Cleversoft with the resources and support necessary to fuel its future growth and consolidate its position as a global leader in the industry.

Florian Clever, CEO of Cleversoft, comments: “Together with Main Capital we have built the foundation of the European RegTech Plattform company, which we are now looking to aggressively scale with our new partner Levine Leichtman Capital Partners across the globe. We want to thank Main Capital Partners and especially Sven van Berge personally for almost 5 years of partnership and excellent cooperation on our journey to be the pan-european Champion in the Regtech market. In these 5 years we have jointly refined our winning strategy, internationalized our client base, acquired and successfully integrated 3 companies and accelerated our overall development. I am confident that our time with Main is the foundation for a bright future and we are happy to continue on this path with our new partner LLCP.”

Matthias Tabbert, Head of DACH at LLCP, adds: “We are delighted to acquire Cleversoft, a leading player in the regulatory technology sector. Cleversoft offers its customers a range of innovative solutions to manage their regulatory compliance needs and has many attractive growth opportunities. We are excited to leverage our expertise and resources to support Florian and the management team’s expansion plans to further enhance Cleversoft’s market position.”

Sven van Berge Henegouwen, Managing Partner at Main Capital Partners, concludes: “We congratulate Cleversoft on this successful sale to LLCP and the remarkable journey we have shared. Cleversoft’s evolution into a pan-European leader is a testament to the dedication and vision of Florian Clever and his management team. We are proud to have supported Cleversoft in its growth and strategic acquisitions, and we are confident that LLCP will provide the ideal platform for Cleversoft’s continued success.”

We are proud to have supported Cleversoft in its growth and strategic acquisitions, and we are confident that LLCP will provide the ideal platform for Cleversoft’s continued success.

- Sven van Berge Henegouwen, Managing Partner at Main Capital Partners



Founded in 2004, Cleversoft has evolved into a leading software specialist in the RegTech market, serving globally-acting banks, asset managers, and insurers. Cleversoft assists financial institutions in efficiently complying with an increasing number of complex regulations. The company’s comprehensive solutions address regulatory challenges under regimes such as PRIIPs, MiFID II, PIB, FIDLEG, and AML-regimes. Cleversoft’s services are complemented by lifecycle management solutions, including customer relations (CRM) and marketing processes. Currently, Cleversoft proudly serves over 1000 international customers.

Levine Leichtman Capital Parnters

Levine Leichtman Capital Partners, LLC is a middle-market private equity firm with a 39-year track record of investing across various targeted sectors, including Franchising & Multi-unit, Business Services, Education & Training and Engineered Products & Manufacturing. LLCP utilizes a differentiated Structured Private Equity investment strategy, combining debt and equity capital investments in portfolio companies. LLCP believes that by investing in a combination of debt and equity securities, it offers management teams growth capital in a highly tailored, flexible investment structure that can be a more attractive alternative than traditional private equity.

LLCP’s global team of dedicated investment professionals is led by nine partners who have worked at LLCP for an average of 19 years. Since inception, LLCP has managed approximately $13.3 billion of institutional capital across 15 investment funds and has invested in over 100 portfolio companies. LLCP currently manages $9.3 billion of assets and has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Charlotte, Miami, London, Stockholm, The Hague and Frankfurt.

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