SDB Groep strengthens position in the Cure market in collaboration with Timeff

  • 07-09-2022
  • Press release
SDB Groep is expanding its position in the Dutch healthcare sector into the market for independent treatment centres (ITCs) through a strategic partnership with Electronic Health Record provider Timeff.

SDB Groep, backed by software investor Main Capital Partners (”Main”), is expanding its position in the Dutch healthcare sector into the market for independent treatment centres (ITCs) through a strategic partnership with Electronic Health Record provider Timeff. The expansion of SDB Groep fits the ambition to offer organizations and employees the best, most innovative and user-friendly software solutions and to support them in providing the best care for every patient and client.

SDB Groep is constantly looking for partnerships with innovative software companies such as Timeff, who together want to strive for an optimal and fully integrated software ecosystem in order to unburden healthcare professionals as much as possible. The strategic combination between Timeff and SDB Groep represents the next step in that ambition and enables them to serve the Cure market with a joint proposition.

Massimo Rizzo, Managing Director of Timeff, agrees with this vision and is looking forward to working with the SDB Groep team with great enthusiasm: “The partnership between Timeff and SDB Groep will allow us to accelerate the realization of both our vision and long-term strategy, while maintaining our quality standards, Innovation and DNA.”

New in the ITC market
SDB Groep has a unique ‘suite’ of innovative and user-friendly software solutions and services with which the Groep has established itself as market leader within the market segments geriatric care, disability care and childcare. The step into the Cure market is therefore a logical one for SDB Groep to further expand its footprint in the Dutch healthcare sector.

SDB Groep sees that the administrative burden in the Cure market is still too high and innovative software providers are not responding sufficiently to this, according to Vincent van Staalduinen: “SDB has a rich history in the Dutch healthcare market that goes back for almost 45 years. We have always believed that the most important challenge for healthcare institutions is the integration of software solutions. Not integrating the solutions correctly often leads to challenging IT landscapes, dissatisfied users due to administrative burdens and, in most cases, suboptimal attention to patients and clients.

We believe in delivering integrated software solutions and services that are available as individual building blocks or as a fully integrated suite. This allows customers to travel with us, start where they want to and set the pace themselves. We have shown that this reduces IT complexity, lowers costs, boosts user enjoyment and, above all, enables care workers to do what they love: serving the client in care. With this vision, we are now entering the Cure market with Timeff. Massimo and his team share the same vision, DNA and passion as we do and together we are excited about the impact we can have on the Dutch healthcare market.”

SDB Groep’s ambition is to deploy its best-of-breed and best-of-suite within a wider number of segments within the Dutch healthcare industry, so that all healthcare employees can benefit from burden-relieving, innovative and well-integrated software products. The launch of the innovative all-in-one Octopus app, the digital assistant for the healthcare worker, which minimizes administrative burdens and increases job satisfaction, is proof of SDB Groep’s innovative strength.


SDB Groep

About SDB Groep SDB Groep is the only SaaS Software and Services company that develops innovative, user-friendly and fully integrated software solutions for healthcare and childcare. They do this by putting the customer and the employee central in the development of software that aims to optimize work processes and minimize administrative burdens. Thanks to this approach SDB Groep brings pleasure and effectiveness back to the professionals, who have more time to do what they love: providing the best care to clients and the best care for children.


About Timeff, based in Rotterdam, was founded in 2011 with the aim of making healthcare affordable and transparent. Since its foundation, the company has looked at healthcare-related challenges differently. As a result, and thanks to consistent innovation and creativity, they have created a next-generation EPD and software suite, with a dedicated team of professionals consistently focused on innovation and customer orientation. Based on these core values, Timeff has become one of the market leaders for software solutions in the ITC market. The organization is evolving rapidly and is now also entering new sectors within the Cure market.

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