Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Business software to streamline core functions, like financial management, human resource- and supply chain management that drives business control and agility.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

Enterprise software companies that streamline and optimize core business functions, achieve operational agility, and enable data-driven decision-making with comprehensive (vertical-focused) ERP software suites. Integrate finance, HR, supply chain, and other critical business processes to enhance visibility, improve efficiency, and drive seamless collaboration. By harnessing real-time data insights and automating key workflows, organizations can achieve operational excellence, enhance customer satisfaction, and accelerate growth.

Our software groups in this product-market

Main invests in several software groups within the Enterprise resource planning (ERP) product-market.

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Wessel Ploegmakers
Partner & Head of Nordics
Daniela von Koskull
Senior Associate
Dorian Berndt
Investment Director
Jeffrey Sanya
Senior Investment Manager
Daan Visscher
Co-head of North America & Investment Director