In conversation with Unik System Design’s CEO, Jens Find

  • 09-01-2024
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“Main convinced me it's better to do it now." Jens Find, CEO of Unik System Design, delves into the genesis and potential of the strategic alliance with Main, outlining ambitious plans for the future.

Main's in-depth knowledge of the software industry will be a decisive factor in our growth.

- Jens Find, CEO at Unik System Design

In September 2023, Main formed a strategic partnership with Unik, supporting it in its ongoing journey towards becoming a leading pure-play vertical SaaS provider in Proptech and Legaltech), underpinned by an international buy-and-build strategy. The partnership will enable Unik to benefit from Main's large footprint and network within the international software landscape.

Founding Years and Evolution

Unik was co-founded by Jens Find in Denmark and is an industry-specific software vendor for housing/property management and legal administration. “We were quite young. I was 22, when we founded Unik.” Jens traced Unik’s journey from its inception in 1985, sharing the significant growth during the ’90s.

Revolutionizing Solutions and SaaS Transition

In the decades that followed, the company not only embraced technological advancements, but also evolved into a key player in the digital transformation of the legal market and housing/ property-related industries. The leading software vendor now services more than 900 clients, ranging from large scale private and public housing associations to law offices and legal corporate departments throughout Denmark. Unik has grown to more than 240 employees and consultants in Vejle, Aalborg, Copenhagen and Warsaw. The ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction propelled its expansion to multiple locations, fostering a diverse team of experts across the company’s active regions.

As such, Jens emphasized how Unik’s journey mirrored the changing landscape of digital solutions, adapting to the evolving needs of its clients. The decision to specialize in verticals like property management and legal tech laid the foundation for Unik’s success, establishing it as a reliable partner for those seeking cutting-edge software solutions in these domains.

“You can make it for a few and it could be used for a lot.” Jens expressed his fascination with vertical software scalability, emphasizing the transformative power of technology to create solutions that are not only efficient for specific users, but also possess the versatility to scale seamlessly, accommodating the diverse needs of a broad user base in specific verticals. This philosophy underscores Unik’s commitment to reinvent itself by developing software solutions that stand the test of scalability. This ensures that the products remain robust as they evolve to meet the ever-growing demands of end-users.

In the upcoming years, the two new SaaS products, HabiCen for housing & property management, and JustiCase for legal administration, will gradually replace the current products, Unik Bolig and Unik Advosys. Jens discussed the challenges and excitement surrounding this transition to SaaS, including the need to adapt: “Unik is now undergoing a migration from on-premise to SaaS. This migration is very exciting. Migrating to a new model requires a solid integration process, where adaptation is required from both within the organization as well as from outside. Our employees and our customers need to get used to this change and this takes time.” Leveraging Main’s best practices and knowledge provided by the Performance Excellence team will help ensure a more successful transition.

Long-term Aspirations and Main’s supportive Role

“The long term goal is internationalization.” Jens shared Unik’s vision of becoming a leading European player. “We were not in the market for a partner, but Main convinced us of the potential this partnership could bring to the table. Moving forward, Main will offer us the support we need in order to maintain our strong growth momentum and help realize our ambition for internationalization.” Jens emphasized Main’s role in broadening Unik’s product offering, incorporating organic growth initiatives, and strategic add-on acquisitions to strengthen market positions. “Accelerate with fewer mistakes and higher ambitions. With Main we can push the limits of what happens when digital innovation meets deep industry knowledge.”

“It’s the big changes that we are making.” Jens addressed the challenges Unik faces with changes in technology, products, competencies, contracts, and pricing structures. He highlighted Main’s role in providing consultancy, playbooks, and tailored expertise to tackle these challenges. “Main’s deep-sector knowledge of the software industry will be instrumental in our growth journey and ensuring that Unik not only navigates the complexities of this transformation but emerges stronger, more agile, and poised for continued success in an ever-evolving digital landscape.” – Jens concludes. The strategic partnership between Unik and Main promises to be an exciting journey of innovation, growth, and international expansion.

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