In conversation with Ronald van Tiel, CEO of FleetGO Group

Main interviewed Ronald van Tiel, CEO of the newly formed comprehensive logistics software group, FleetGO Group, a merger between the initial companies, FleetGO and Wanko.

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Ronald van Tiel was former CEO for FleetGO and now CEO of FleetGO Group. Alongside he is also involved in executing buy-and-build strategy. Van Tiel started his career as software developer during the .com bubble in the late 1990s. During that time he was the third employee of what later would be known as Roxit and what eventually got acquired by Main Capital Partners

 By working for Roxit he learnt a lot and grew together with the growth of the company. In his 30s van Tiel decided to become an entrepreneur in which he established various companies, always with the aim to develop scalable product software. In 2010, Van Tiel noticed that FleetGO got traction in the market and that there was significant uptake of their solutions. Van Tiel decided to completely and dedicatedly focus on accelerating and flourishing the FleetGO company.

Why the merger between Wanko and FleetGO? How did this come about?

“The aim is to build a broad logistics software group: a company that is able to serve customers across the entire board with logistics software applications. FleetGO is originally a telematics player. At the moment, there is a lack of software applications for logistics and communication processes, especially for transport planning, route optimalization, onboard computers for interaction with drivers. Wanko fills one of those important spots in the overall suite, but to in order to achieve a deeper integration we have to fill in a few more gaps.”

It is expected that this can be achieved through the newly formed FleetGO group as it will offer a comprehensive solution for warehouse management, transport management and fleet management. The company has a strong footprint in the DACH and Benelux region. FleetGO Group is well positioned to benefit from the advantages of the partnership, economies of scale, technological integration, inorganic growth, and aligning with like-minded, highly skilled professional across regions.

What opportunities do you see in the current market? And how do you think FleetGO Group can act in response to those trends?

“The market for logistics software is significantly scattered. There are a lot of active players. We believe that with an integrated approach we have much more clout in the R&D area and that we can also enable one-stop shopping for smaller clients for whom implementing such solutions would otherwise become too complex.”

What is the biggest challenge for the group in the near future? And what are the short term goals?

“In the coming period we will focus on further expanding the group. The challenge here is to strategically find the right parties to make the puzzle as complete as possible, and within this process to find suitable talent for a successful integration. Our short term goal is to let parties join in and progress. In the practical term to arrive at new integrated software products.”


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