Qics supports business service providers and healthcare companies in their digital transformation with smart SaaS solutions for planning, hour registration, invoicing and business intelligence.

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A leading provider in Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Qics, founded in 2000, serves over 300 clients at national and international level. The client base includes business service providers in accountancy (such as Lansigt Accountants en Belastingadviseurs and Vermetten Accountants en Adviseurs), consultancy (such as Verdonck, Klooster & Associates and Atriumgroep), IT (such as Wunderman Thompson Commerce and Ximedes) and in the healthcare sector (such as Vierstroom Hulp Thuis and Florein Zorg). Three SaaS solutions are central in the Qics portfolio: QicsMilestones, QicsDashboards and Assist Planner. QicsMilestones supports the process of planning, registering hours (and time) and invoicing with business service providers. QicsDashboards is used to create Exact Online dashboards based on Microsoft Power BI. Assist Planner is used by organisations that offer household help or flexible work in the healthcare sector. The Qics software currently has 17,000 users. All products distinguish themselves through user friendliness, efficient and attractive design and international scalability.

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Teamwork is at our core - we collaborate and share insights cross-border, just as we do with our portfolio companies.

Ivo van Deudekom
Investment Director
Henri Beverdam
Senior Associate

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