SDB Groep further expands its strategic position in the Dutch healthcare software market

  • 04-04-2023
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Healthcare innovator SDB Groep and Avinty are joining forces to create a leading position in the Dutch healthcare market.

Healthcare innovators SDB Groep and Avinty are joining forces to create a leading position in the Dutch healthcare market. A unique player in the market is established through this combination, which can deliver a complete modular suite of solutions for all primary and secondary processes of healthcare organizations in elderly and home care, disability care, mental health care, independent treatment centers, rehabilitation care, youth care and child care. This step fits seamlessly into the strategy of both SDB Groep and Avinty to enable the healthcare worker and provider to deliver the best possible care through innovative and user-friendly software. This strategic combination is supported by Main Capital Partners.

A wide range of solutions for the healthcare worker

During the past five years, an increasingly complex healthcare IT landscape has given rise to the demand for solutions that properly meet the information needs of the healthcare organization. With its unique suite, SDB Groep has emerged as a leader within the Dutch care market segments by bringing together various providers of innovative and user-friendly software solutions for elderly and home care, disability care and child care, and pursuing deep product integration and a seamless user experience between these offerings.

SDB offers care organizations a wide range of best-of-breed solutions, which can be purchased separately or in a fully integrated suite. The healthcare organization itself decides to what extent it wants to use SDB’s solutions and thus benefits from a distinct mix of flexibility and interoperability. A recent addition to SDB’s suite is ‘SDB Octopus’: a mobile digital assistant that already relieves more than 30,000 healthcare employees of the administrative burden in their daily activities. SDB Groep supports over 1,000 clients spread across various segments within the Dutch healthcare sector in all their primary and secondary processes, such as ‘s Heeren Loo, the largest care provider in the Dutch disability care market. Together, the SDB Groep now has about 450 employees.

Vincent van Staalduinen, COO of SDB Groep, says, “”We see it as a logical next step in SDB’s journey to now also use our proven philosophy to serve healthcare organizations and employees in the cure markets. Last year, we took our first concrete steps into the cure market by partnering with Timeff and Asterisque, which immediately made us one of the market leaders for Independent Treatment Centers (ITCs) and rehabilitation care. Offering well-integrated software solutions is at the core of our philosophy. Now, we aim to roll out the successful proposition we have developed for the Dutch care market across cure markets as well, including mental health care, youth care and rehabilitation care. The cooperation with Avinty will improve our position in the Dutch healthcare sector substantially. This move enables SDB to add even more value for the healthcare employee and organizations, allowing us to make an even greater contribution to improving patient outcomes and the overall quality of the Dutch healthcare system.”

Mark Scharloo, CTO of Avinty, adds, “It has always been our goal to improve the quality of care through continuous innovation and empowering of healthcare workers. We strongly believe that smart solutions can be leveraged to make the sector more efficient, and more enjoyable for the employee, thereby improving the outcome for the client and patient. This is exactly why we are so pleased to enter into this partnership with SDB Groep. We see this as a fantastic opportunity to deeply integrate our EHR and e-Health products with SDB’s various secondary process, e-learning and BI solutions, enabling us to deliver a full suite to customers.”

Charly Zwemstra, CEO of Main concludes, “The collaboration between SDB Groep and Avinty brings together two leading players in the Dutch healthcare industry. Combined, both parties can deliver a fully modular product offering across a wide range of healthcare segments. Looking ahead, we will further support SDB Groep and Avinty in their ambition to strengthen the position as the most innovative solutions provider across care and cure markets.”

Looking ahead, we will further support SDB Groep and Avinty in their ambition to strengthen the position as the most innovative solutions provider across care and cure markets.

- Charly Zwemstra, CEO of Main


SDB Groep

SDB Groep is the only SaaS Software and Services company that develops innovative, user-friendly and fully integrated software solutions for healthcare and childcare. They do this by putting the customer and the employee at the center of the development of software designed to optimize work processes and minimize administrative burdens. Thanks to this approach, SDB Groep brings joy and effectiveness back to the professionals, giving them more time to do what they love: providing the best care for clients and children.


Avinty, founded in 1994 and based in Oldenzaal, Veenendaal and Utrecht, was created by bringing together established healthcare software vendors. Through an innovation-focused strategy, Avinty has expanded its product portfolio in recent years with a broader, vertical EHR offering, complemented by e-Health solutions and mobile health apps. With innovative solutions, Avinty serves healthcare providers such as FPC De Kijvelanden/Fivoor. This strategy underscores the company’s philosophy of creating an ecosystem of leading software solutions for healthcare organizations.

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