Main Capital Partners announces strategic exit of Inergy to ilionx after successful partnership

  • 15-06-2023
  • Press release
Main Capital Partners announces the sale of Inergy to ilionx, an IT services provider and integration partner backed by FSN Capital.

Main Capital Partners is pleased to announce the sale of Inergy to ilionx, an IT services provider and integration partner backed by FSN Capital. Over the last 5 years, Inergy has developed a market leading position in managed data analytics and planning & control software, helping its diversified public and private customer base to extract significant value from their data.

Main Capital Partners made its strategic investment in Inergy in 2017. Over the course of Main’s investment period, Inergy has grown from a mid-sized data analytics services provider to a market-leading planning & control software and data analytics services provider it is today. During this time, Inergy’s revenues more than doubled, solidifying its position in the Dutch market.

During its cooperation with Main,  Inergy significantly grew its software and managed analytics businesses both autonomously and via several strategic acquisitions that enhanced the company’s product portfolio and market presence. Inergy is well positioned to further capitalize on these achievements in the coming years and is now supported by ilionx.

Mathijs van Houweninge, CEO of Inergy, comments on the combination with ilionx: “The broader portfolio of the combination enables us to serve our clients and prospects even better. We now have access to a lot of new expertise and experience as well as great execution power on complex issues. With our joint portfolio, knowledge and experience, we will be able to better fulfill our credo ‘We Improve Performance’. This step with ilionx is a wonderful sequel to the buy-and-build phase that we went through with Main in recent years. I am super proud of our Inergeeks and the trust that customers have placed in us every day for many years.”

Jan Veltman, CEO of ilionx, adds: “Inergy is a great addition to the portfolio of ilionx. Especially LIAS’ position in local government strengthens ilionx’ market position in that segment and its strong presence in the retail market also offers many opportunities. Inergy’s managed analytics platform is a natural extension to the data and AI solutions within the ilionx portfolio and with Inergy’s independent audit practice for GRC and privacy, we are not merely enabling clients to get into control of their processes, but also remain in control. Like ilionx, Inergy has the drive to bring simplicity to complex matters. By combining our knowledge and expertise we can add even more value for our mutual clients. We look forward to discovering new opportunities together with our colleagues at Inergy.”

Pieter van Bodegraven, Senior Partner at Main Capital Partners and Member of the Supervisory Board of Inergy, concludes: “We congratulate Inergy on this successful sale to ilionx. We helped to transform Inergy by focusing on the development of SaaS-based software solutions especially related to Financial Control, Risk and GRC-related domains. With strong autonomous growth, as well as with 5 add-on acquisitions, the company has more than doubled its revenues and strongly increased its recurring  profile. We feel ilionx is a perfect new home for Inergy to continue their growth strategy.”

This is a proposed transaction and is subject to consultation of both the works councils of Inergy and ilionx.  The acquisition is expected to be finalized by mid-July 2023. Financial details will not be disclosed.

We feel ilionx is a perfect new home for Inergy to continue their growth strategy.

- Pieter van Bodegraven, Senior Partner at Main Capital Partners and Member of the Supervisory Board of Inergy



Founded in 1999, Inergy is a provider of governmental software and complex data & analytics platforms. The company has a unique proposition, servicing governmental institutions as well as private enterprises. Inergy helps companies extract value from their data. Over the past years, Inergy executed a successful buy-and-build in the planning & control and GRC software space for local governments through the acquisitions of LIAS Software (April 2018), Frontin (June 2020), Gemstone (November 2020), SafeHarbour (February 2021) and SEP ISMS (March 2021). Together with 170 experts, Inergy executes its motto ‘We Improve Performance’ on a daily basis.


Creating simplicity in a complex world. That is the goal of IT knowledge and implementation partner ilionx. By innovating, clarifying and connecting. ilionx has been offering IT solutions that work simply and connect closely to organizational processes since 2002. All expertise is available to move organizations forward and to let people work with pleasure. ilionx supports its clients in the field of digital strategy, cloud applications, data & AI, hyperautomation & integration and managed services. This has already led to many successful projects and implementations at healthcare institutions, (semi) governmental organizations and commercial companies with over 500 employees, a Dutch footprint and social relevance. ilionx employs over 1,300 experts, working from thirteen locations throughout the Netherlands.

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