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Market intelligence

Experiences and lessons learned in the software market are bundled in our Market Intelligence practice. This dedicated group focusses on practical industry analysis to support our companies in spotting opportunities and achieving operational excellence.

Benchmarking, process optimization and segment/territory analysis are just some of the topics covered by the team to assist in defining a different growth strategy for every unique company.

Performance Improvement

Within Main Capital Partners we have a dedicated team working in close cooperation with our portfolio companies to strengthen day-to-day operational performance.

Through best practices and benchmarking we aim to lay out standardized and universally applicable performance improvement roadmaps for our companies.

We are actively involved in providing support to a wide range of business processes and intend to be a source of expertise to our current portfolio and potential new investments.



Enhancing Enovation's growth path through a healthy combination of strategic proprietary product development and a selective international buy-and-build strategy.

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Main Capital

Main Capital Partners supports and closely collaborates with software companies to realize their full potential by focusing on sustainable growth through strategic product market positioning and selective buy-and-build, partnerships and internationalization strategies.

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