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  • 22-08-2023
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Each year, we offer one of our employees the opportunity to participate in an exchange program, allowing them to experience different cultures, gain new skills, and build relationships.

I learned a great deal from this experience, which I am now able to use in my current role.

- Esmee Janssen, Business Analyst at Main Capital Partners

Esmée joined Main as a Business Analyst in April 2021 for our investment team in The Hague. She has since been involved in several portfolio companies from the Benelux region. This spring, Esmée participated in an exciting three-month long exchange program, bonding with the Nordics team in Stockholm. She made the most of the exchange by sharing her knowledge, gaining expertise, and maintaining and building new relationships. Let's catch up with Esmée about her experiences and time abroad!


We are very curious about your time in Stockholm. Can you tell us more about it?

I found living in Stockholm for 3 months very exciting and rewarding! I had never been to Sweden before, so living there for 3 months gave me the opportunity to discover this amazing place! Stockholm is a beautiful and vibrant city with friendly and welcoming people. I really liked getting to know our colleagues in the Nordics and collaborating with them. Even though we have been in contact regularly, it’s different to finally meet everyone in real life and work together every day.

The exchange program offers many benefits. Which opportunities did you encounter during your exchange?

Working in the Stockholm office has given me the opportunity to strengthen work relations with the Nordics team. I’ve been involved in cross-border deals in the past but working in the same office with the Nordics team is different and has given me a better understanding of their (work) culture and team dynamics.

Several of our portfolio companies strive to expand internationally via acquisitions or partnerships. 3 of the portfolio companies I am currently involved with are also looking for expansion opportunities outside of the Netherlands. During my exchange period, I gained a better understanding of the Nordic market which allows me to better support my portfolio companies in executing their strategies in the upcoming years.

During these three months, I also participated in several transactions in both the Nordics and the Netherlands. I therefore got to know the Nordics culture and team better while still being able to meet my responsibilities in the Netherlands. I learned a great deal from this experience, which I am now able to use in my current role. I am also confident that I can continue to leverage the knowledge and connections I made over the past three months and support more cross-border transactions and collaborations.

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