synetics offers the i-doit software in the CMDB space that helps to document and manage IT and asset infrastructures.

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A leading provider of CMDB and IT documentation software.

synetics offers a software called i-doit in the CMDB (configuration management database) space that helps to document and manage IT and asset infrastructures as well as to identify interdependencies within the IT and asset landscape. The software documents existing assets, items and objects and facilitates customers to run compliant and efficient IT Service Management (ITSM) processes. Its flexibility and applicability to all industries allows companies of any size and business objective to start documenting their IT and assets at a reasonable price. With its own and third-party add-on modules that are offered via a marketplace, the i-doit solution can be extended towards a comprehensive ITSM suite that allows to further automate IT discovery, monitoring and IT security processes.

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Yves Souren
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